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May 9, 2012

Chris asks…

How to find low income apartment for rent ?

I’d like to find job in United States and I need more information about low income apartment there.

Thank’s for your advise guys.

Administrator answers:

Look for co-op housing, and that is usually for people who are lower income.


Lizzie asks…

How do I find a low income apartment for rent in the San Fernando Valley?

Im looking for an income based/low income apartment in the Valley. I go to CSUN but it doesnt necessarily have to be right in that area since I drive…anyone have any info??

Administrator answers:

Move to Pacoima

Thomas asks…

my daughter and 2 babys are looking for a low income apartment to rent .could someone help her find something ?

Administrator answers:

Her voucher is only good in the county that she received it in. Where are you looking? She should really ask her social worker, they have a list of complexes that accept the vouchers and of course they handle public housing, if that is what she is looking for.

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