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November 5, 2012

Jenny asks…

Nationwide Apartment Guide?

I am looking for this online apartments guide. It’s like but it has direct links to all the different apartments in town. I used it to find my apartment for college, but don’t remember the name of it. It list apartments in about every state. It’s something like apartment zero, but all I found was a furniture store with that. Does anyone know what website this is?

Administrator answers:

I think the website you are looking for is
AptZero Apartment Guides

Sandra asks…

Where can I call to get a Chicagoland Apartment Guide?

Administrator answers:

You could just Cazoodle Apartment Search. With 23,497 listings today you could easily find what you are looking for.

Daniel asks…

Is there a way i can get a free apartment guide on Pine Bluff,AR?

Administrator answers:

Here are some of the local apartment complex’s websites:

There are a lot more apartments in the area, these are all I could find quickly.

Betty asks…

Is there a website or does anyone know the Guide to moving out in an apartment for the first time?

Like what expenses to expect, and what utilities need to be paid, what furniture is needed, and If the furniture shoulb be bought before or after moving. Also what landlords would be expecting from a first time renter, as far as Credit and down payments.

Administrator answers:

Your landlord will tell you what bills you pay and what he pays. You usually start with paying first months rent plus a months rent for a deposit. Apartments come furnished or unfurnished and I wouldn’t buy furniture until after you move so that you don’t have to store it.

Ruth asks…

Portland Oregon Apartment Guide?

I’ll be looking for an apartment in Portland. I’m not familiar with the area and all the websites I’ve found so far are difficult to get around/find actual apartment listings. Any good sites with links to apartment complex websites and ara maps?

Administrator answers:

This site has a selection of apartments in Portland.

Donna asks…

Apartment guide near Franklin Lakes, NJ?

I will be moving to Franklin Lakes, NJ in August. I am looking for 2bed apartment with a good middle school nearby. The problem is my budget is <$1200 for the rent. I did a survey in Google maps but no avail.

Any suggestions if I can stay somewhere in neighborhood cities. I am willing to travel by train/bus.

Administrator answers:

You need to use a realtor and forget train. Buses yes

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