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August 26, 2013

John asks…

What are some good apartments in the Winter Park, Fl Area?

My husband and I have looked at Reviews and we are moving from TN and most reviews are bad on all the different apartments the school sent us a apartment guide book and it shows all there floor plans and square footage but I don’t know what to do we are going down next month to look and try to find something we like and we are trying to narrow it down to the ones we like but the ones we like have the worst reviews so if you have any help please do so!

Administrator answers:

Try Baldwin Park its just mins away from WP

remember those rating sites most people leave comments only when they have a bad experience with the place. If the place is that bad no one would be living there.

Sharon asks…

What are the safest places to live in Oklahoma City?

Hi everyone. My husband and I are planning to moving to Oklahoma City. Where are the places that I should avoid in Oklahoma City and the best places to live there? We were thinking of moving to the northerm part of the city. From what I notice, the northern part of each city is the best. So far, the apartment guide stated that the only apartments available in OKC that accept large dogs are in the north. Please help!
What OKC suburbs do you recommend for buying a house, close commute to OKC, and to best raise children?

Administrator answers:

Edmond oklahoma

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