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Your Questions About Apartment Lease Break

August 12, 2012

Sandy asks…

When you break your apartment lease do you have to give 30 day notice?

I’d like to move out of this apartment that I’ve been in for the past two months by the end of October and I’m aware I’ll have to pay a penalty, but do I have to give 30 day notice or just pay the lease break penalty and move out by the end of this month? I’m in AZ
I asked before I got the place. they said you pay $1400 .. didnt say anything about paying the remainder of the lease

Administrator answers:

YES! You must ALWAYS give 30 days notice. If you fail to give proper notice then they can charge you another months rent on top of the lease break fee.

William asks…

pregnant and need to move home anyway to break apartment lease?

I signed an apartment lease for a year but now I am pregnant and NEED to move home to my moms. Is there anyways to break the lease under these circumstances. It is kind of important.

Administrator answers:

You cannot break your lease due to pregnancy, no matter the severity of the circumstances. Talk with your landlord about subletting your apartment. Someone will take over your lease, and typically, you will face no penalties/consequences. The new renter must be approved by the landlord and go through the same application process. You will lose your deposit simply because it goes to the new renter once they move out. You can get around this by having them pay you a deposit, and then they get to keep yours later.

Linda asks…

Is there a way to break an apartment lease?

My brother has an apartment with a lease until July. He just became un-employed and is drawing unemployment. He wants to know if there is any way to get released from the lease given his current situation. He is not military nor does he work for the government where there are exceptions made for breaking leases under certain circumstances.

Administrator answers:

Inability to pay rent due to job loss is not a valid reason to break a lease agreement.
He has a couple of options–first, he needs to talk to the apt manager/landlord to explain the situation and see if he/she may have a suggestion. There may be a way he can do a lease buyout which would allow him to break his lease without penalty and still receive a neutral landlord reference. But if he is strapped for money, this may not be an option.
The other option he may have is to have someone take over his current lease. Again, this would be another topic he should discuss with the landlord because if he doesn’t know of anyone that can take it over, maybe the apartment complex can rent it out to someone who may be interested (they may even have a waiting list, you never know).
If he breaks the lease (i.e moving out without notice, failure to pay, etc.) not only will he owe any unpaid amounts from now until the end of his lease term, he will jeopardize his rental history by having a collection on his credit for an apartment community, as well as having an unfavorable landlord reference. It will be very hard for him to be approved for an apartment down the road with these blemishes on his record.

Daniel asks…

How can i break an apartment lease?

My apartment got broken into and now i’m afraid to stay there. How can i break my lease without paying reletting fees. I hve two more months until my lease is up.
My apartment was locked and no windows open. I find it kind of strange that the apartment wasnt a mess.
The apartment was in the same order i had let it. I hope they catch the people that did this to me. I would hate for someone else to go thru this.

Administrator answers:

You can always break a lease, but there are legal and financial consequences. It may be what you have to do for yourself, but you have to pay for your decision. You can only avoid reletting fees if your LL agrees to waive them.
READ your lease, carefully. See what penalties are set out for breaking your lease. Talk to your LL and see what you can work out with LL.
Give your LL written notice NOW, that you will be vacating the apartment on X date. Advise that you will fully cooperate with LL’s efforts to relet.

Nancy asks…

What happens if I break the apartment Lease deal?

HI there,
I need to rent an apartment for 3 months or so but most of the apartments require 6 months or 1 year.
I have tried and given up!
I am thinking of going in with a 6 months or 1 year lease and then break it off.
What is the normal penalty for breaking the lease? and if I pay the penalty, will I be reported to CREDIT AGENCY?


Administrator answers:

State laws typically require you to pay the remainder of the lease up until a new tenant is found plus the landlord’s expenses in finding someone else. Many leases, especially at large complexes, have early termination fees laid out instead of following the stricter state laws. They vary but typically would include forfeit of your deposit and/or 1 month’s worth of rent.

If you signed a 6 month lease and tried to leave after 3 months then you’d end up paying your deposit (typically 1 month) plus a 1 month penalty leaving you only saving 1 month of rent.

Have you tried negotiating with the apartments? Offer an extra 10% or so a month. It will be cheaper for you than paying to break your lease.

George asks…

How can I break my apartment lease?

I am having a baby in August and my lease isn’t up until October. I live in a one bedroom, loft apartment. Technically it is one bedroom and you aren’t supposed to have more than two people in a one bedroom. We already have one child living with us so another would make four people in a one bedroom apartment. Is that grounds to legally break a lease without having to pay the rent until october?
What about if someone in the house is Law enforcement and their job is transferring them?

Administrator answers:


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