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Your Questions About Apartment Lease Form

January 30, 2013

Richard asks…

I need a form so i can lease an apartment. can i find it on-line?

Administrator answers:

Yahoo search is your Friend

Maria asks…

What do I do if my apartment lease is dated incorrectly?

This is a little complicated. I got an apartment with a friend last year that started August 1st. We got it through Chicago Apartment Finders. We were told that it was a one year lease, and signed the papers and moved in. Now we are supposed to move out August 1st, and got a lease extension form in the mail last month, but we are not going to live there after it is up.

I found my lease form yesterday, and noticed that it said the lease was for 13 months. I freaked out since I’ve already made plans to move out August 1st. Yes it was my fault for not noticing it before I signed, BUT –

Here’s the thing: The lease start date says August 1st, 2009 and The lease end date says 9/31/2010. That is 14 months – not 13 like it notes underneath. So they screwed up, too.

Do you think I can refute it and get to move out August 1st like planned? Or will I have troubles? What should I do? :(

Administrator answers:

No, you cannot get out of a lease over a typo or a misunderstanding. The lease is legally binding as written the minute you signed it. You yourself state that it was your fault for not catching the discrepancy before you signed it. This is a prime example of why it is so important to thoroughly ready all documents before you sign them. They could legally hold you to the end date on the lease.

Weather they can hold you to 13 or 14 mo would be up to a judge.

Susan asks…

How long should it take to deliver lease after apartment application is approved?

My apartment application was approved a few days back. The landlord says that he doesn’t have the lease ready to sign yet and it won’t be ready until next week. Is this normal? I would think that all he would need to do is fill out a couple of lines on a form and then I could come in and sign it.

Administrator answers:

It is normal if he is new to being a landlord, and it sounds like that is the case. Some newbies either aren’t prepared with a standard lease to tweak to serve his needs or are so cautious that they pay a lawyer to draw one up as an original. Be patient, it will be in your hands in no time. Please don’t be in such a hurry that you won’t reads it carefully before signing.

Daniel asks…

Can I get a lease for an apartment under forbearance?

I plan on signing a forbearance form for my student loans. At the same time im trying to save money for a move-in lease.

But would a leasing agent approve me to lease an apartment under my name within the forbearance period?

Is that what leasing agents look for?

Administrator answers:

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Helen asks…

Please help with my apartment lease question.. Am I being played here?

I signed every paper of a lease to a student housing apartment that I thought I was going to be moving into but decided against it so now they are telling me that I have to pay rent for them until they are able to find someone to take over my lease.

The only paper I didn’t sign was the guarantor agreement which states if I don’t pay the rent the other person who signed the agreement must pay rent for that month.

So my question is……since I didn’t get this gurantor agreement signed by another person do I still really need to pay this rent? Since I didn’t technically completely fill out all of the lease forms?

Please help.

Administrator answers:

Most likely you’ll be required to pay. The first hint is the “student housing apartment”. They will have very strong leases that won’t give you much of a way out. As you can imagine, they deal with people who change their minds a lot. So, they will have agreements that provide multiple (I say again…multiple) ways to make you liable.

It’s likely a pretty standard lease that says if you don’t occupy the apartment you’re still liable for the total amount of the lease. You can “satisfy” that requirement by either a) finding a qualified sub lessor, or b) having the owner do it for you.

In some instances they won’t allow you to find your own person.

Bottom line: If you signed a lease, you are bound to pay the monthly rent unless they release you from that obligation.

Sorry :( but I hope that clarifies things.

Take Care,

William asks…

what type of lease form can i use for my daughter moving in and paying rent?

I am remodeling the basement for her an studio apartment and she is going to be helping out with our finances but she needs a lease for medical care because she is pregnant

Administrator answers:

Go to the library and I am sure you can find a standard form in a book you can copy. Or contact a rental agency and ask for one of their blanks.

Donald asks…

I filled out an application for an apartment but haven’t signed a lease. Can I change my mind?

I recently filled out and signed an application form for an apartment, paid the application fee and also paid a deposit. Now I’m having second thoughts. If I haven’t signed a lease yet, can I get out of taking the apartment?

Administrator answers:

If you have not yet signed the lease you don’t have to take it, but you may lose the deposit.

Mandy asks…

Lease Form?

Is there somewhere online I can go to find an example copy of a one year apartment lease that I can use as a guide for making my own? in missouri

Administrator answers:

Here you go. It is free as long as you just read it online. It does cost to downloand the file though…


Nancy asks…

Signing a lease agreement BEFORE you’ve signed the move in condition form?

Broker is asking me to sign a lease before I’ve completed a move-in condition form. Because I have seen the apartment with a field manager, I already know there’s a window that should be repaired. If I sign the lease before completing the move-in condition form doesn’t that then give the management the okay to leave the place as is ?

Administrator answers:

Not necessarily. Management SHOULD replace/repair the window. Signing the move in condition form and indicating that there is an existing problem with the window releases you from liability at the end of your lease term should the mgmt NOT repair it while you’re occupying the residence.

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