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July 28, 2013

Sharon asks…

Is there a template for intent to vacate?

I plan on moving out of may apartment next month (my lease is up) and I want a professional letter to send to my landlord.

Any help would be great. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

Try this:

Thomas asks…

How do I write a letter to explain to my landlord why I have to break our 1 year lease agreement?

My husband and I were recently approved for public housing after a long 2 year wait not knowing where we stood on the waiting list. Because of the fact that we would never know when or if we would ever get that phone call we had to continue with our lives as usual. So we signed a 1 year lease for an apartment unit at a good price just 2 months ago. Well we were just told a few weeks ago that we were at the top of the list and we were able to now interview to get into a unit at public housing. We interviewed and found out At the beginning of May that we were approved for the unit and we could move in on June 8th!!!! Well we were beyond happy, but now I have to figure out a polite way to let my landlord know we have to break our year lease do to this “unforeseen circumstance” and hope that she is understanding? I HAVE read the lease agreement and it is pretty simple, all she will do is keep our deposit of $895 and then expect us to pay the “half of first months rent” which was the promotion when we moved in and that would be $435. My husband and I certainly don’t have that money for her up front so I am trying to figure out a legal and polite way to WRITE THE LETTER OF NOTICE to her explaining this situation and something about how I would wish for her to work out something for us as far as maybe a payment plan or what not?!?!!?!?!?!? I have no idea how to start this…… This isn’t because of anything but a complete and utter blessing that has come unforeseen and an opportunity through government assistance that we can NOT pass up during this hard time in our life. ANYONE please give me some type of template or idea of how to write this PLEASE!!!!!

Administrator answers:

You need to be careful, if she sues you for breach of contract you will not longer be eligible for public housing assistance. You will lose the right to be supported by the public the moment a judge signs off that you screwed her.

Borrow the money, do whatever you have to to keep this out of court. You will lose in court, this is not legal cause to break a contract. You will end up not only homeless, but no one else will want to rent to you wither.

Maria asks…

What Format To Use For A 30-Day Notice?

My lease at my apartment id due at the end of November, which means at the beginning of November, I need to give a 30-day notice that we are not renewing our lease and we’re moving out. What kind of format should I use. Are there specific things I should say or a way I should word it? Are there any references online that can give me a template or something? Thanks!

Administrator answers:

Just state your name what appartment number you are in and that you are give the manager a 30 notice to vacate the appartment. Specify what day you are leaving and have final walk through the day before you are totally out of that place. If not and you want to leave earlier they will keep your prorated rent do to you are liable for the entire month for rent if they can not rent out your appartment after you move out.

William asks…

Leasing an apartment question?

My family live in a two family house, my dad rents the 2nd one out. For some reason he is too trusting and never had a contract for the tenant. He’s been living here for about 3years so he relied on the fact that he’s been here that long as trust.

Anyway, he has been gone for over 2 months and my dad looked through the side window and realized 1/2 the place looked torn up with very few belongings. He believed the tenant just ditched the place because he didn’t pay for two months rent.

How long can my dad wait until he can take over the apartment and re rent it?

As for re renting, how much personal information can he get from the next tenant? He wants to know every possible information legally from the next person. And is their a tenant contract somewhere my dad can use as a template?

As for the tenant, what can he use to track him down? And all legal options?

Administrator answers:

Post as abandoned. (there’s a form). Then post eviction.

Visit an office supply store and get all the forms. You can get standard lease forms as well.

For a small fee (from the prospective renter), a credit service will do a credit check. Look that up in yellow pages.

Sandy asks…

Permission to leave my lease early…..but?

I have to make the place look good and find someone to take it. I moved into this apartment in March of 2008 after the last tenant was evicted and trashed the place completely. I had expected the landlords to invest some money and make it livable by the time I moved in which is why I took it but they barely did anything just whatever needed to past inspection.

I lived here for about 7 months and finally got the strength to ask my landlord If i could get out of my lease early. She agreed but one condition was I have to find someone to take over. She didn’t go into much detail but she also mentioned she didn’t want to use a real estate company for the lease again cause they charged her too much.

I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to get the hell out of here and I have spent my own money to make the repair needed to make this place livable, NOW my question is if I am acting as a real estate agent in this case how can I do this nice and legal? The person that I find to take over for me can I come up with a lease and have them sign it, using a template? Do I have to get it reinspected by the city? Any and all help is appreciated


Administrator answers:

Just find someone who is willing to rent your place at your current rent and introduce them to your landlord. Your landlord will screen them and write up the lease. You don’t need to act like an agent. Advertise on Craigslist.

Another idea is you hire a real estate agent to find a tenant and pay the commissions.

Mark asks…

How to write a letter to break a lease?

I currently live a two bedroom apartment..Me and my roomate both signed the lease and she moved out..I can no longer stay there due to i cant afford 570.00 plus utlities…in the lease there is a buyout clause of two months rent and a 500 early moveout fee. I am not willing to pay that whole amount I cna pay the $500 early moveout fee and what will happen to my roommate….Please someone help if you can give a template of how to write the paper.

Administrator answers:

You can pretty much expect to be evicted for non-payment. You do not have a legal right to move out, the letter will not help. Even after you leave you can be evicted, and end up owing the entire lease amount.

You already agreed to pay the two months rent, no letter will alter that contract.

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