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Your Questions About Apartment Lease Transfer

November 13, 2012

Donald asks…

Apartment Lease Transfer Between Same Management Company?

I live in an apartment owned by a Management company that has similar complexes all across my state. I am planning on moving really soon but my lease isn’t up for a long time. Would it be possible to transfer my lease to another apartment where I plan to live since it’s owned by the same company??

Administrator answers:

It is up to them. Usually it is not, as the contract you signed is for a specific apartment, not one of their apartments in general. But they may agree. You should expect a fee.

Nancy asks…

How do you perform an apartment lease transfer in NJ?

We are leaving an apartment but the lease is not up until October. We have many prospective tenants for a takeover but are unfamiliar with the process. Will we get our deposit back? Will the new tenant have to make a deposit? What is the process?

Administrator answers:

Your lease should have a clause that describes the procedure for subletting, if it is allowed.

If it isn’t allowed, your landlord will probably allow it anyway because you will just break your lease and they won’t get any damages because you had a qualified tenant willing to take over. It’s in their best interests to allow it, so most do, even if the lease doesn’t say so.

Call the management company or your landlord and ask what needs to be done. Sometimes all that is needed is an assignment.

As far as the deposit, the new tenant will make a new deposit to the landlord and you will get your deposit back (unless the assignment says different). This is also assuming your landlord followed the Security Deposit Act in NJ. If they didn’t, update your post to mention this.


ibu guru: Lease transfers are VERY common in the NJ/NYC metro area. Maybe they don’t exist where you are, but I do several a month. People are transferred to and from this area constantly, and landlords really don’t have a choice when it comes to dealing with it.

Michael asks…

Do I have to transfer my apartment lease in person?

Hello. I have an apartment under my lease in downtown Seattle. I have a friend who is going to take over the lease. I live in Boise now and flights are quite spendy. Is there a way to transfer the lease without having to go all the way there?
He’s already agreed to the transfer, I just wanted to know if I could just fax or mail in whatever forms are necessary.

Administrator answers:

Unless your lease prohibits it, you can sub-lease the unit to your friend and do it by mail or fax, even if it requires Landlord approval.

Maria asks…

How do i transfer my apartment lease to another person?

is it gonna affect my credit??? i been in this place for 4 months only and the lease is for 16 months. I found a person who wants to take over my lease he’s got a good credit! so what’s the proses?

Administrator answers:

You DON’T. Leases are not transferable.

If your landlord allows it you can sublease to this person. In a sublease you become this person’s landlord & remain responsible for the unit. This is illegal to do without the landlord’s permission & most landlords do not allow it. If you sublease & this guy does not pay the rent to trashes the place it can effect your credit.

Thomas asks…

transfer apartment when lease is expired do I get the same special as new tenant?

Ive been waiting five months going month to month for some cheeper flood units to be finished. I have a welcome sheet that says that I was supposed to get a month free five months ago plus the rent was going to go down. I wrote a letter to my landlord and got my current rent lowered while I wait for them to finish the new apartment. But now they are not going to give me that free month. Shouldn’t I be receiving that month for free? This is the special that they are giving to new tenants.

Administrator answers:

You aren’t a new tenant, unless you have a contract for free rent it isn’t going to be happening.

Chris asks…

is it possible to transfer apartment lease if it is the same managing company?

Administrator answers:

Probably not because the actual owners of the property may be different. However you won’t lose anything by asking.

Donna asks…

does apartment lease reset if you transfer over to a different unit in same complex?

if i originally leased in june but paid a transfer fee to switch units in same complex in month of august would my lease start anew in august or still continue on with june? considering this is a 1 year lease deal.

Administrator answers:

If you didn’t sign a new lease and there is nothing about this in your current lease (which I’d highly doubt) then they can’t extend the lease just because you switched apt’s within the building. So, no it doesn’t reset just because you moved but did you really sign nothing new when you moved? I find that a bit odd but if you didn’t sign anything else then no it won’t reset.

George asks…

Apartment Lease Transfer?

Ex Sister-In-Law has lived in apartment complex for over 5yrs. My ex (her brother) moved in with her a year ago. She is moving out to live with her parents and my ex says that she transfered the lease to him. Is that possible? He says that they didn’t even need to do a credit check. Is this just another lie or is this actually possible?

Administrator answers:

It’s certainly possible. It depends on the terms of the lease and what the landlord allows.

Steven asks…

If I signed a transfer lease to transfer from one apartment to another within the same complex..?

can I get out of that lease? I do still want to stay in my current apartment.

Administrator answers:

I would talk to the Landlord/Manager of the complex. If your current apartment is not rented already, I don’t see why they wouldn’t allow you to stay and terminate the new lease.

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