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December 14, 2012

Chris asks…

What are the best software/s to convert a hand-drawn layout plan to professional ones? Except Auto cad.?

i have a hand-drawn apartment layout plan covering most of the important details like Fire exits, elevator, etc. What is the best tool/s that enable me to convert it to a drawn to scale diagram. like the ones you see in any apartment complex.earlier i thought of using Auto-cadd withPhotoshop to make it attractive and organized, but the task is too cumbersome.Are there any other options available? I have not worked on either of the above tools.

Administrator answers:

I know for a fact that there a non-CAD based layout design programs, unfortunately I can’t recall any particular names. Of course if the layout doesn’t need to be to scale you could always create it in a basic word processing program such as Microsoft Word or Lotus WordPro, or even Power Point for that matter. Just use the draw commands to create lines and shapes to represent your floor plan. The effective use of group is essential when doing this because it allows you to merge several shapes lines etc. Into one and move / edit them at once. You can change appearance by adding shading changing line color and width adding a text box and more. Good luck.

Joseph asks…

Any friendly open source software for interior design drawings?

I am looking for a free and easy to use simple tool, to draw the plan view of my apartment and to arrange properly the furniture over there. The dimensions should be preferably in meters.
Thanks for any proposals!

Administrator answers:

Virtual program Architect Studio 3D-




color work

Donald asks…

What is the safest paint to use around kids?

I am in the process of closing on a home but before I move out of my apartment, I need to paint the walls. I have a 5 years old and 2 years old without a babysitter since I live far away from any of my family. What is the best paint to use that would be safe?

Planning on shopping at Lowes for my painting tools.

Administrator answers:

All Latex paints are safe, but if you’re really paranoid get the low-VOC latex paint.

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