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August 17, 2013

Susan asks…

Should I buy things for my apartment a year in advance?

I plan on moving in about a year, and I’ve just been noticing a lot of things like dishes or pans that I could use for an apartment that are on sale at many stores. Would it be a good idea to buy these things in advance even if it’s a year? It’d be nice to spread out the payments for these things over a year rather then spend a crap load all at once but if it’s better to buy them closer to when I move I’d rather do that.

Administrator answers:

A year its just 365 days away, and that is not long at all if you’ve ever check how time runs fast, well I suggest you buy these things on sale, sometimes when you move out, it wont be sale time again. So stocking up little bit at a time is vital as not to give you stress when you move in. You are doing a great job.

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