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Your Questions About Apartment Plant Ideas

June 30, 2012

Daniel asks…

I’m looking for indoor plant for my apartment to freshen the place up a bit. Any Ideas?

-Its a 1 bedroom apartment
-I do have a cat

Administrator answers:

YUCCA Plant….very durable nice dark green foliage long trunk.I also have a cat so cover the dirt with River Rocks just in case the kitty feels like digging.

Paul asks…

I am moving from a house to an apartment and I want some ideas on planting flowers inside?

Administrator answers:

1. I would say African violets are nice. The flowers last for a long time.
2. I like to force spring bulbs in an apartment — and amaryllis are also nice in the wintertime. In fact, any indoor flower that is seasonal (like Christmas cactus or poinsettia) is nice. Paper white Narcissus are pretty and easy to grow too.
3. You can grow more foliage plants too — spider plants are pretty easy.
4. If you bring a flowering plant into your apartment, it is sometimes nice to get one that is in the flower bud stage (like an Easter lily). Your enjoyment of the plant will last longer.
5. I tend to choose smaller plants, like African violets because I can handle them better in the smaller space of an apartment.
6. If you need a touch of the outdoors inside very quickly, like if people are coming over, also don’t be afraid to buy a bunch of cut flowers. They last for days. Roses especially smell nice. In the springtime too, if you are lucky enough to know someone with a lilac bush, ask for a few bunches of those flowers for the indoors. (Don’t deny yourself these things just because you have an apartment now.)
7. I have actually grown a petunia as a houseplant too. It needs a sunny window. Nasturtiums are another possibility and you can grow those by seed and they smell good. Geraniums can also be grown inside.
8. Get online right now and order a few seed catalogs — they are fun to look at the pictures and there always seems to be houseplants in there as well.
9. Still have “your own” garden or one you can share with others by taking a short walk around your neighborhood and looking at the plantings or even admiring those on your apartment building’s grounds.
10. Get some nice artwork of outdoor gardens or still life with flowers in it.
11. Buy a calendar with different garden flowers for each month.
12. If you have a separate front entrance, ask your landlord or landlady if you can have some spring/summer annual flowers in pots by your doorstep.

Hope this helps. Good luck.

Donald asks…

I want to plant a small palm tree infront of my apartment, good or bad idea?

I doubt Im allowed to plant anything, but I really want the palm infront of my apartment.

Administrator answers:

Check with the owner of the property, the city ordinances, and the nurseries in your area. If all that says yes, then go ahead and plant one.

Mandy asks…

I want to plant a palm tree infornt of my apartment, good or bad idea?

what can they do if they find out, Im thinking of just saying it was already there. Im not even sure if Im not allowed to, who knows they might like it.

Administrator answers:

It could be a bad idea as palm trees can be prolific growers whose height and spread can get pretty high.


James asks…

Ideas and advice on growing a potato plant?

Hello! I’m a new gardener living in an apartment with only a balcony to grow my garden on. So far i’ve been working with small window boxes of herbs and a few vegetables (aside from my flowers). My question is what is the best way to grow a potato plant? Do I need alot of space for this, or can it be grown in a pot? Im completely clueless about this so any help is appreciated!

Administrator answers:

Get a large pot (10 inches or larger), fill with soil. Leave a potato somewhere warm and it will sprout. Bury it in the soil as deep as your finger goes. Water, but not too much.

Remember, potato stems, leaves and flowers contain solanin, which is quite toxic. Keep out of reach of children and pets!

Good luck with the September crop!

Donna asks…

I need some ideas to decorate my apartment filipino style? Please?

I’m getting married in less than two weeks, and we decided we are going to take my apartment until we can afford to buy a house. How can I decorate my apartment filipeno style? My fiance is filipeno and its kind of important to me that our place will be decorated in that style.

Also i want his mom to be happy with our house, and that will probably not be easy to do! She has never seen my place and I want her first impression to be a good one! Please tell me what I need….I know I need lots of plants, and candles, what else?? Please help! Thanks!
I am american but my fiance is half filipino thanks monterey143!

Administrator answers:

I am a filipina, to achieve the filipino style decor, u need to use a lot of wood esp in furniture and bamboo too…ive been lookin for online pics for u but i can’t find any…we prefer the earth tones and some live plants…think abt the colors of wood in different shades and greens too, simple lines, uncluttered space…i’d prolly get back at u when i get some pics…goodluck with ur project =)

Nancy asks…

Good plant for an apartment?

I’m looking for a good plant to have in my apartment. I have a window I can set it right next to, but it would still never receive direct sunlight.

I don’t mind if it gets big/tall, but I really don’t want one that is going to drop leaves everywhere.

Let me know what you think/if you have any ideas.


Administrator answers:

Orchids. Very beautiful, doesn’t need anything but a drink every week and beautiful flowers to reward you with. Just a common one you can get at Meijers or Walmarts. They are very easy to deal with and since I tend to kill everything else in my house that is green, I have been able to keep my two orchids going for the last two years with beautiful flowers and very little care.

Ken asks…

is it a good idea to plant a sakura cherry blossom tree on my front house, well the side walk?

i dont have room at my apartment, and the owner said its fine to plant the tree he liked the idea and told me a spot, i told him if the sidewalk is ok though, he said… its not my property i only own what behind the side walk, and the trees planted on sidewalks are kept and made sure to not dammage pipes or the sidewalk, is it a good? i seen people plant trees including oranges but can i plant my cherry blossum?

Administrator answers:

Be sure the location will support a cherry tree, they need full sun and well drained soil. Cherries are also attrractive to all kinds of insects including aphids and caterpillars. Plant the tree where it won’t overhang the sidewalk and drop petals and insects on people. You will need to do pest control.


Cherries are beautiful but need a lot of work.

George asks…

What kind of plant do you recommend…..?

I have only morning sun and live in a bachelor apartment and have two cats. I would like to have a plant, any ideas for a hardy plant that does not need much light?

Administrator answers:

Also try Amarillo’s which have a beautiful bloom every now and then also spider plants are very hardy and don’t require alot of light. Umbrella Plants are great also….Happy Plant Hunting….You might also ask at a florist shop what they might recommend

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