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June 22, 2013

Robert asks…

Gardening (window box planters and inexpensive shrubs)?

I live in a duplex apartment (rented) I would like to install window box planters. Is there a way I could install them without damaging the vinyl siding? Is there a such thing as one with hooks that hook inside the window?
Also I share a large yard with my neighbor who does not keep up his side of the lawn we don’t have a fence and can not install one so I would like to use shrubs to separate it partially where would be the best place to buy inexpensive shrubs?
Thanks :-)

Administrator answers:

Don’t have an answer for your first question. But on the other question, the best bet is to just shop around with your local plant stores. Examples: Lowe’s, wal*mart, home depot or if you have any flea markets near you.. My own experience.

Michael asks…

will black planters be too hot for the summer?

living in an apartment i am forced to grow my garden in containers this year and am just wondering if the black containers i have will get too hot for the plants in the later summer months? thinking i would paint them white.

Administrator answers:

Really depends on how much sun they receive.

If they are getting direct sun all day, then yes, its possible that they would get too hot.
A few hours of direct sun followed by indirect light would be negligible.

Some plants like warmer soil though- tropicals like citrus, palms, bananas won’t do anything unless the soil temperature is above 60 degrees or so. Tomatoes and other vegetables also like warm soil for best growth.

Linda asks…

We have stray cats all around our apartment that people keep feeding including the landlord. What can I do to?

keep them out of my garden. They use one of my planter boxes as a litter box. I’m ready to scream. Thanks in advance.

Administrator answers:

Call animal control.

Joseph asks…

How do I hang planters from my specific balcony railing?

I’m trying to get some planters for my apartment balcony, but the railing on it is not standard, so I can’t seem to find any brackets that would work for it.

Basically, the whole balcony is surrounded by a solid wall 5″ wide (with stone texture), and there’s a thick 4″ metal rail above that. Looks like all the round “railing” brackets would be too small for the rail I have, and all the square “deck” brackets have little hooks that are supposed to grip around the wood rail, and they won’t work for me either.

Any ideas how I can hang planters off my balcony railing?

Administrator answers:

Have you tried hanging baskets? You can screw hooks into the ceiling. Or you could glue or tie your planters on. Thick hemp rope would look nice if you braided it first. You might stick with giant garden pots on the floor. Good luck.

Ruth asks…

I just moved to Houston and want to plant a garden. What plants should I plant?

I just moved to Houston from northern Utah. I Love plants and have a little space on the balcony of my apartment for some pots and planters. A few of the things I wanted to get were Morning glory vine, lavender, and eventually peppermint. I went to a greenhouse yesterday and the owner there told me none of those grow in Houston? Is that true? Are the winters here mild enough that if I planted a few plants now they would survive? If not, What plants should I get? Thank you!

Administrator answers:

Lavender and pepperment have their season and it is over. They can be grown inside.
It is late for morning glories and honey suckle.
Trumpet vines are still blooming.

Spider plants.

Snake plant, mothers-in-laws-tongue.


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