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February 14, 2013

Donna asks…

How can I keep squirrels out of my planters on my apartment patio?

I can not start new plants or sprout seeds. The squirrels are always digging in my planters on my small patio. Can I keep them out… or is it hopeless?

Administrator answers:

This one is easy and simple.Place moth balls in the planters.Almost ever animal and lots of insects HATE moth balls!!

Chris asks…

how hard is it to grow veggies in planters?

I live in an apartment and I am toying with the idea of growing my own vegetables this year. What are good veggies to plant and that will thrive in planters on my little porch in CO?

Administrator answers:

For many things it’s not, although it would help to know if your porch gets full sun or is covered.
With enough sun it’s ideal for hot peppers, peppers, tomatoes, & great for many pricey herbs.
In those conditions I’d tend to look for things that I’d rather not pay for.
Have fun!

Mark asks…

Can Yoshino Cherry Trees be planted in Planters?

I am thinking of planting a Yoshino cherry tree. I live in Toronto Ontario, and the tree would be on my apartment balcony which is south west facing and receives good light and shade. Of course I would not want it to grow really high, but no more than like 4 feet tall and growing sort of horizontally.

I would like to plant it in a planter probably 18-24″ wide and probably 2 feet tall.

Is this feasible? I have heard of these trees being bonsaied in really small pots.


Administrator answers:

I am also doing something like that, but I just started! :)
I believe you can, as long as you prune the branches and roots in the late winter to the size and shape you want it should be just fine.
It’s very good that your balcony faces the southwest and when you do put a tree there, you may want to rotate it so it gets the sun evenly around the tree.
I also want to grow a Kwanzan in a smaller container on my balcony. If you don’t prune the branches or roots, they will get much too big for the container.
I wish you luck, and have fun! :D

Thomas asks…

Tulips – Planting them in planters on the balcony?

I live on the 8th floor of an apartment building, facing north. I’ve already planted my tulip bulbs for next spring. It’s a covered balcony and therefore gets no rain at all.
Should I be watering them sporadically throughout the fall and winter or are they ok until the spring without any water?

Administrator answers:

Yes they need water, but the planter may or may not be deep enough to keep the cold weather from freezing them…

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