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Your Questions About Apartment Rental Agreement

December 10, 2012

Chris asks…

Can you have three people on a lease (or rental agreement) if it is a 2 bedroom rental apartment?

I want to move in with my boyfriend, but he has a roommate that is on the lease with him. If I do get put on the lease than I already agreed to pay a third of the rent. Is it possible to have a third person on the lease if the place is only a two bedroom? Does it have to be a three bedroom house?

Administrator answers:

It should be ok, couples share a bedroom all the time. My husband and I used to rent a 2 bedroom when our son was a baby so we had one room for us and one for the baby. I don’t see where it’s any different.

Paul asks…

If I signed a rental agreement for a 1 bedroom apartment ?

I signed a rental agreement for a one bedroom apt. All inclucive utilities. I moved in June 1 of this year. I just received a text message from my landlord saying ” hey what up with the hydro? $407.00 two months . Is this my problem?

Administrator answers:

If you are using more than the average amount then yes it is your problem. When utilities are included in the rent, landlords do NOT like paying more for excessive usage. The landlord knows what the average usage is. When a tenant uses more than that they are going to ask you about it.

Michael asks…

I have lost my rental agreement for my apartment and the landlord thinks I signed a 12 month lease not 8 month

The landlord before him let me sign an 8 month lease just while I was in school. This new landlord doesnt believe me and wants to see the agreement. I cant find it but they would have to have it in their records. When I move out at the end of april I just want to make sure I wont be dinged for another 4 months. Thanks for any help.

Administrator answers:

Go to the landlord’s office, and politely insist that you see the original of the renter’s agreement. They have to have it on file. Have them make a new copy of it.

What you DON’T want to do is just assume that everything will be ok and ignore the problem — because even if you are technically, legally correct, the landlord can still make your life miserable by trying to collect.

Try to come to a reasonable, amicable solution with the LL. That’s the number one priority.

Robert asks…

What does 8/15 (flex) to open mean in a rental agreement for an apartment?

Administrator answers:

I am a landlord but i have no idea what it means. Give it in a more specific context. Maybe it refers to when the rental form was last updated

in other words, write out the sentence in which this reference occurs

Donna asks…

Can my brother live in an apartment with my mom without being in the rental Agreement?

After I called the city of San Jose to report that my mom’s rent was being increased more thanb 21 % the apartment manager dropped off a 3 day notice to conform because my brother who lives with my mom is not listed as a tenant in the contract. Now the agent wants him to move out or my mom to sign the contract with the new “illegal” rental increase…

Administrator answers:

If your brother is over 18 years old he has to be on the lease or they can give your mom a 3 day notice. They could not evict your mom as retribution for calling the city, but they can evict her for having an adult live with her who isn’t on the lease. Since San Jose is rent controlled, the laws on raising rent will be specific to your city. Try for assistance, they can point you to someone who can give you advice.

Mark asks…

It’s the last month of my rental agreement for my apartment. Why can’t my security deposit take care of that?

Alot of people have been telling me that the security deposit should take care of my last month’s rent, but the lady at the front office said, i couldn’t do that, and that i’d have to pay. Let’s say i didn’t or couldn’t pay my last month’s rent, what would happen? Would that go on my credit and prevent me from getting another apartment?

Administrator answers:

Don’t listen to those people.

This will effect you and your ability to obtain housing in the future. You will always lose this in court, 100% of the time. The two things are legally not related and handled completely differently, for instance, a landlord has to report rent collected as income, and pay income tax on it, but the deposit is not income, no taxes, it is for future reimbursements of damages.

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