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Your Questions About Apartment Rental Agreement

July 8, 2013

Sandy asks…

Do all adults in the home have to sign the rental agreement?

Renting an apartment to 3 adults, one minor. Do all adults need to sign the rental agreement or just one?

If they ever owe me money, can I go after everyone that signed? It’s a month-to-month rental agreement.

Administrator answers:

It’s more protection for you if everyone signs. First, because each person to sign is usually completely responsible for the rent…it’s called jointly and severable liability. Second, you need to know of every person living in the house so that you know who name on your eviction procedings, if you had to resort to that. Third, if you have 2 people on the lease and they add 5 more adults, it leaves ambiguity as to how many people are living there, which makes it more difficult to enforce your rental agreement.

Robert asks…

Does y roommate have to give me notice to evict me if I am not on the rental agreement?

My roommate wants me to vacate a two bedroom apartment we’ve shared for several months in Sacramento, Ca. I am not on the rental agreement although the landlord knows I live here. I am afraid he will just put me out on the streets if I have no recourse. Thank you for help.

Administrator answers:

He has to give you 30 days to move out with or without a rental agreement. Talk to your roommate if you and him or her are not on bad terms and see if he will let you stay until you find a place. And if him or her does, show them that you are looking, by making a list of all the places you have looked into. Stay clam and try not to get into arguments with him or her. You don’t want to give them a reason to kick you out early or even worst call the police to have you put out on the streets. I hope everything works out.

Betty asks…

Information On A Business & do you have to have a license to own apartments and rental units?

I landlord has several apartment buildings and rental unit. He runs a business to rent out these apartments. It is on every rental agreement and list him as the owner. How can i look up information on that business he owns? Also do you have to have some kind of license to rent out apartments and rental units?

Administrator answers:

You don’t need a license exactly, but you need a business registration, which is slightly different in my state. You also need a zoning permit from your local government. You can get information on his businesses from your city (or county if you don’t live in a city) and from your state. It might be easiest to start at the city level and contact your local Planning and Zoning department. In my area, this information is not yet available on-line. You can submit a Public Records or Freedom of Information Act request and the local/state government must respond. In my state, they have to respond in 3 days (!) and furnish the information in 2 weeks unless its “broad and burdensome.” If it’s a huge request–which yours isn’t–they can get extra time.

Ken asks…

In the rental agreement the landlord has included property tax to be paid by us n made us pay. Is it legal?

I stayed in the apartment for 2 years and he made us pay the property tax. It was written in the rental agreement so we were helpless. Is there some way to take legal action against him? What laws are required for the same?

Administrator answers:

I have never heard such a thing.

Linda asks…

where do i get a free rental agreement in spanish?

i am going to rent an apartment on a month to month basis but i need a free rental agreement in spanish.

Administrator answers:

Here are some links:

You could search some other webs by typing ” contrato de arrendamiento”

Good Luck!

Donna asks…

Does anyone know an agent for getting a rental agreement made?

I Have moved to coxtown bangalore and work in night shifts and really cannot manage time to go and get the rental agreement made. My owner is always busy with his work and is abroad most of the time.I had internet put in my apartment with the help of an agent who said he will get the address proof made by himself. tried contacting him back but failed at many attemps. any help would be appreciated. thanks.

Administrator answers:

Go to the Govt. Register office there you will find document writers, just tell them they will arrange a rental document.

Mandy asks…

Landlords request is not on rentals agreement does she have the right to deny me the right to keep my nephew?

I have just moved into town and I am leasing an apartment, I have agreed to watch after my nephew while my sister is attending school during the day. For no apparent reason I have been denied rights keep my nephew at the apartment in which I am paying $400 a month for. Mind you this request made by the landlord is NOT listed on the rentals agreement. Is she is the right, or do I have grounds to take this woman to court for discrimination?

Administrator answers:

In general, in spite of what “landlord” said in her answer, tenant rights trump landlord rights. That’s the point of the lease contract…the landlord gives up their rights to determine the use of the property in exchange for the rent.

Provided you are not doing it for pay, which would be almost impossible for your landlord to prove even if you were, you can care for any relative you want in your apartment. In fact, because the child is related to you, the child could almost certainly move in permanently with you. Think about it…if you have a baby the landlord can’t say the baby can’t stay there.

The restrictions on your property use ONLY limited by 1) the law and 2) your lease. If a local law doesn’t prohibit and the lease doesn’t restrict it, you can get a dog and smoke in the place as well.

George asks…

Can I have myself taken off the rental agreement, and continue to rent a room from my brother?

I posted a earlier question, and now that I know the answer, I need to know if I can have myself taken off the rental agreement, but continue to rent a room from my brother. I do not want to be responsible for damage done by others, who I have no control over.

Administrator answers:

Yes, you can, however its like your a guest in his apartment so he can kick you out.

Lizzie asks…

How often are landlords required to paint inside a rental property?

I’ve lived in my apartment for over 6 years. My landlord says I have to move EVERYTHING out and sign a lease (I have a rental agreement) before they will paint. I’d like to know what my rights are.

Administrator answers:

Landlords are required to make rental property safe — not pretty. They are under no obligation to spruce up the apartment with paint, or carpeting, or anything else. They need only make certain you have running water, working heat, protection from the elements and vermin-free.

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