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Your Questions About Apartment Rental Agreement

August 24, 2013

Lizzie asks…

In NH if a tenant sublets their apartment with out permission is it legal?

I live in NH. My tenant whom the rental agreement is made out to, is subletting the apartment and charging the other person rent while not paying his own rent. The other party has under age kids as well.

Administrator answers:

If your rental agreement (most do) you can not sublet an apartment as they then would be in breach of the rental agreement. Give them a 3 day to perform or quit.

George asks…

what can happen if I leave the apartment before minimum time notice?

I got a job in another city , and notified the landlord for leaving the apartment , but he told me I have to pay for next 2 months too , and I really find it not fair , I tried to negotiate but nothing work , what is the worse can happen if I leave, it is not a lease it is only rental agreement
is it true that it can damage my credit history ?

Administrator answers:

You have to pay for the next two months as your rental agreement states.
Landlords often will send this to a collection agency which will show up on your credit.
The collection agency can sue you in the future.
They can garnish wages and go after your assets.
This further destroys credit.
Remember that employers check credit, so do landlords, any loan person, and car insurance companies.

Ruth asks…

How do I prevent mould growing on the walls of our bedroom in our rented apartment ?

How do I prevent mould growing on the walls of our bedroom in our rented apartment ? We cannot use any paint as per our rental agreement , there is too much moisture , can that be absorbed by placin anything in the room ?

Administrator answers:

Get the landlord to repair it, you can get seriously ill by breathing in spores from mould. If he doesn’t do it, move and terminate your contract, this is a health hazard.
Where is the damp coming from? Maybe outside wall is letting it in, this needs professional opinion to track problem, no paint job will cure it, it will only come back. Sorry

Daniel asks…

What’s the difference in a condo and an apartment?

My friend asked me what’s the difference in a condo and an apartment.
I have no idea. I am from a small country town.
Also answer this question: Are you paying to own it (like a home) or a rental agreement (like an apartment)
Please help.
Thanks in advance.

Administrator answers:

You buy a condo, like a home. You own your unit, and if something breaks there it’s yours to fix. You belong to a condo association of all the owners of the condo, and pay a monthly fee there to maintain common areas like lawns.

You rent an apartment.

Linda asks…

When should I start looking for a home?

My current rental agreement for my apartment is over Feb 28th. When should I start looking at/making offers on homes? Thanks for any help.

Administrator answers:

Start with your loan process NOW. Often people wait until right before they need the money to start talking to their banks. With loans on the down side, your financial institute may need plenty of time to approve you for your loan. If you have any credit problem now is the time to correct them. Once you find the home, closing on the place usually takes about 30 days ,so if you need to be out by the end of Feb, then you need to be making your offer in Jan. A couple of months for looking and making appointments for seeing homes is not out of the question, so you may want to start getting an idea of what homes in the area that you are looking for are bringing. County records will be able to show you this.
Good Luck!!

Mary asks…

What happens to my deposit when my landlord sells the property?

I rent in Seattle. My landlord is selling the property. Can I request that someone be present (since the realtor is showing the property while I am at work)? I don’t feel comfortable with strangers wandering around inside my apartment! I know she has the right to show it with reasonable advance notice, but does she have the right to make me (or a friend) leave while the people are inside? Also, once it sells, how do I get my deposit back? I have no guarantee that the new property owner will honor the rental agreement or whether I could afford the rent on a new rental agreement. The realtor is saying the rental agreement continues and the new owner would be responsible for the deposit – but that sounds totally unrealistic because how would the realtor even know what a new owner would want to do with the property? In fact, it seems like there would have to be a new rental agreement. If I can’t or don’t want to continue living there, why would the new owner have to return a deposit I never paid him/her directly? Totally confused!

Administrator answers:

Yes you can have someone there while you are working. No, you do not have to leave during the showings. Your deposit is transferred to the new owner until your lease expires. The new owner knows there is a tenant with the property and your deposit is indicated in the paperwork. If you dont want to remain there you can ask about terminating your lease from the current owner.

John asks…

What can one do to a tenant whos contract finished, got 30 days advance notice but stays?

The tenant always paid on time for the entire 4 years of his rental agreement, we did not want to continue and renew his contract and so we sent him a correspondence that we need the apartment, assuming now he got upset that he has to leave, the end of the month came up and we heard nothing from him, no keys or even a email.

We asked some neighbor and she told us the tenant plans to stay in the apartment but does not have a job any more or place to go.

Administrator answers:

Try having a bit of sympathy

Imagine if you were renting and you lost your job then you were asked to leave

I would be pretty upset as well

This guy has been paying your mortgage for you

Try and contact him and offer him some support let him claim Housing Benefit od DSS – your rent still gets paid

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