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Your Questions About Apartment Rental Agreement Example

June 23, 2013

Charles asks…

what kind of power of attorney do I need?

I’ve narrowed it down to 3 options according to the state of Virginia. I need a power of attorney form to sign lease and rental agreements for our furniture and apartment and such.

VA Financial Power of Attorney Form (with durable option)
The Virginia financial power of attorney form (with durable option) is a legal document in which you give another person legal authority to act on your behalf. You can choose to have the powers granted to your agent to become effective immediately or upon a later disability or incapacity. This form also allows you to give your agent as much or as little authority as you choose. For example, you can give your agent the authority to handle all of your business and financial matters for you or you can pick and choose the powers you want to give your agent. It also contains an option for you to make it durable which provides authorization for your agent to continue to handle your affairs even if you later experience a disability or incapacity. This form (file) is a type you can open, edit and save with all word processing programs. Download form after checkout. $13.95

Real Estate Power of Attorney Form (to manage)
This real estate power of attorney form allows you to give someone the legal authority to manage your real property. The agent you name will have the authority to: to do any act of management; to lease; to collect, sue for and receive all rents; to employ laborers about real property and more. Download fillable form after checkout. $13.95

Limited Power of Attorney Form
A limited power of attorney form lets you appoint someone to help you with one or more clearly defined tasks involving your finances or property. For example, you may want to name a relative or close friend to sign business or legal papers for you while you are unavailable. If your needs really are definable in this way, it makes good sense to use the limited power of attorney form, rather than the broader general power of attorney forms. Includes instructions and fillable form. Download after checkout. $13.95

Administrator answers:

The best option is the Limited Power of Attorney – It specifically spells out what the appointee can and cannot do, and thus protects the granter in the process. Good Luck

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