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August 3, 2012

Charles asks…

If you have a cosigner on your apartment rental and release is it still under them?

If you originally have a cosigner and then release after that first contracted time then is it still under the cosigner? For example I sign a year apartment lease with a cosigner and after that year I decide to release. So I then sign the new lease agreement; is it still under the cosigner?
The lease was resigned by the tenants but that’s it for another year.

Administrator answers:

That is really up to the Management company and the manager if they feel that you may not be responsible for the apartment or if you have been on time each month, and not causing any problems. Most times you will not be required to sign a New lease agreement – unless the terms change, or owners change or rent amount changes. Even when the agreement expires on a specific date, that may not mean anything – and its normal to continue without a formal and dated agreement for years. Some leases do state that the agreement will continue on a month to month basis if not re-instated. Check your lease for details.

James asks…

What can I do if I have problems with my apartment manager?

I just moved to this new place. And when I went to check out the place, I didn’t notice some problems it has.
Since the apartment is kinda old, it has minor problems that could be fixed. For example: shower knob leaks, broken screens, loud noises coming from boiler.
I spoke with the apartment manager, note that he is the manager and the owner, and he only fixed the cheap stuff, leaving the ones that would cost more. And he gave me excuses like:
- Nothing was promised to be changed after-wards by any of us.
- Upstairs shelves will not be replaced. All original plastic shelves were present for that bathroom. (they are cracked and I don’t think they can handle weight).
- We do not control the shower pressure to the building or each unit. The city does. (the pressure is INCREDIBLY low)
- Minor water leaks are common when knobs/valves are on. (I don’t think so, I had this problem with another apartment and they came and fixed it)
- There is nothing wrong with the broiler. Hot water pipes in the walls tend to knock when in use due to expanding. (loud noises aren’t coming from the pipes, but from the boiler).

So I guess, you can see that he is very very not flexible on his decisions. My rental agreement is for 1 year, and I’m still on my first month. I checked all the agreement but I couldn’t understand very much. I did understand that if something is broken, the owner have to repair/replace. But all he says is that everything is NORMAL!!!

Someone help me please! This is driving me crazy!

Administrator answers:

They are not legally required to do anything about anything that you listed. Landlords are not required to replace anything just because it is old. It does not matter if things don’t work great or are not in pristine condition. As long as they do if fact work they are not breaking any laws. When you take the keys & move in to a place you legally accept it in given condition. The landlord is only required to repair health & safety issues at that point. You should have taken a better look at the place before you moved in.

FYI: It IS normal for old pipes and boilers to make noise. That is just something you have to deal with in an old building.

William asks…

How do I find a rental property in Portland, OR with a reasonable renter’s agreement?

I am so frustrated. I am 25 years old, and I live with my parents due to the fact that I have Major Depression, Generalized Anxiety and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Previously when I tried to move out, I was unmedicated and undiagnosed, and I had a breakdown and had to return home.

Now I’m trying to figure out how the heck ANY average person ever finds an apartment in Portland. I am trying to move with my boyfriend. I have three indoor-only spayed cats. I have good credit, my boyfriend does not. I have no rental history, my boyfriend does. Neither of us have jobs, but between savings and my financial aid for school, we can afford an apartment in the $500-$650 bracket.

Every single place I look at wants at least ONE of these things: A completely outrageous pet fee ($400 per pet, for example) and some even want pet RENT on top of it, again PER pet. A completely insane security deposit. Proof of monthly income three times greater than the rent. Even the income restricted housing requires at LEAST $1000 in start-up for various deposits.

Because of either my boyfriend’s bad credit, my lack of rental history, or our combined lack of job, everywhere at LEAST wants a cosigner. His mother is completely irresponsible and his father is dead. We were relying on my parents to cosign for us for our first lease. They are now refusing to do so because ‘you need to build credit to buy a house.’ They are willing to put a significant amount towards fees, but that doesn’t matter if nowhere will rent to me in the first place.

What is going on? How does anyone moving out for the first time find a place to live in this city? Am I just looking in all the wrong places? Help!

Administrator answers:

You need to think about it from the landlords point of view. Who in their right mind would want to rent to someone with 3 cats, no job, limited money for a deposit and bad credit history. You are an eviction just waiting to happen. You need to get jobs, save up more security, get rid of your cats and you will have no problem renting a place.

Susan asks…

Who should pay for appliance repairs – furnished property(UK)?

Hi All,
I am just about to sign a rental agreement in the UK. A clause says that the landlord can chose not to repair or replace any item (if it stops working in the long run) …They are not holding me liable for the repairs…but just that the landlord is not obliged to repair it…We are renting a fully furnished apartment. For example, if the refridgerator stops functioning, am I expected to do without it or buy something on my own? Where is the whole point in renting a furnished property then?

Is there a law that makes the landlord obliged to have the white goods in working order? Please let me know ASAP. I have to sign the contract now!!

Administrator answers:

At this stage it is subject to negotiation. There is certainly no statute, as it would come under contract law once the tenancy begins.

My argument (before signing) would be, this flat is worth £500 a month with fridge/washing machine/microwave. If any of those stops working, it ceases to be of the same value. I want either..

A rent reduction of £x if any item ceases to function
A guarantee that items WILL be repaired; or
To be released from my contract if anything stops working.

Ken asks…

can a apartment manager lawfully evict a family from a tenant within 8 hours of eviction notice?

Today my friend’s family got evicted from his apartment tenant at manor sweets apartments. the reason was for skateboarding. from what i know my friends little brother got cought skateboarding 5 days ago and then he got cought today to and the manager went to his house and just told tyler’s parents about the incedent today and gave them 8 hours to move out or she would call the police. aslo tylers mom tried paying rent but the manager would not acept the rent. i think she did this unlawfully. i lookd up some stuff and this is some stuff i found

The Eviction Process starts for nine reasons specified by law:

1. Nonpayment of rent;
2. Extensive and continuing physical injury to property;
3. Serious and continuing health hazard;
4. Illegal drug activity and formal police report filed (lease provision must allow for termination);
5. Violation of the lease provision and the lease allows for termination;
6. Forceful entry OR peaceful entry, but forceful stay OR trespass;
7. Holding over after natural expiration of lease term;
8. “Just cause” for terminating tenant of mobile home park;
9. “Just cause” for terminating tenant of government-subsidized housing;

The Eviction Process starts with a proper Notice of Eviction and may involve court appearances and a trial. An Order of Eviction may be issued and a court officer or someone from the sheriff’s office may remove the tenant and tenant’s personal items from the rental property.

However, there are many steps in the eviction process before the tenant is physically removed.

Most managers and tenants reach a settlement or agreement long before the matter moves that far.

Each reason for eviction has a specific amount of time that MUST pass before the landlord may commence a lawsuit – either 24 hours or 7 days or 30 days. For details follow the link above.

Once the proper notice is prepared it must be delivered to the tenant:

* In person to the tenant, OR
* By first-class Mail, addressed to the tenant and all occupants.

The tenant is not required to move out when the eviction notice expires – he/she may have a valid defense to the landlord’s reason for eviction. Expiration of 24 hours or 7 days or 30 days time period only enables the landlord/ manager to file a lawsuit.


Most leases include rules and promises by the tenant. Some examples are: a promise to not make noise that disturbs the neighbors, or a promise not to run a business out of the house without the landlord’s permission. The Landlord-Tenant Code also includes rules that are made a part of all leases automatically, even if the lease is not written down. Some of these are: a promise to keep the property clean and safe, and a promise not to damage or destroy any part of the property.

If you break one of these rules or promises, the landlord can go to court to have you evicted. To do so, the landlord must first give you a letter that does the following:


explain what rule you have broken and what you are doing wrong,

give you at least 7 days to correct the problem (not 5 days as when rent is late),

tell you that if the problem is not corrected by the deadline, the landlord may terminate the lease and go to court to have you evicted,

warn you that if the same rule is broken again within 1 year, the landlord can go directly to court without giving a new notice.

If you do not fix the problem, or if you fix it and break the same rule again within 1 year, your landlord can take you to court to have you evicted.

* Pay Rent or Quit Notices are typically used when the tenant has not paid the rent. They give the tenant a few days (three to five in most states) to pay the rent or move out (“quit”).
* Cure or Quit Notices are typically given after a tenant violates a term or condition of the lease or rental agreement, such as a no-pets clause or the requirement to refrain from making excessive noise. Usually, the tenant has a set amount of time in which to correct, or “cure,” the violation. A tenant who fails to do so must move or face the possibility of an eviction lawsuit.
* Unconditional Quit Notices are the harshest of all. They order the tenant to vacate the premises with no chance to pay the rent or correct a lease or rental agreement violation. In most states, unconditional quit notices are allowed only when the tenant has:
o repeatedly violated a significant lease or rental agreement clause
o been late with the rent on more than one occasion
o seriously damaged the premises, or
o engaged in serious illegal activity, such as drug dealing on the premises.

witch she did a unconditional quit notices witch she shouldent of done cause they did not break any of those rules

i just want to know can my friend sue them for what the manager did

Administrator answers:

No, you need a court order to evict a person. This is something which take about 30-90 days and has to be with reason, granted by the court.

There is np way this is done in 8 hours.

Let the landlord call the cops.

As for whether or not to sue, a quit notice is warning of court action. Unless, right now there are no damages. In order to sue you have the suffer justifiably damages. You can sue for anything, whether or not you can winn or what you will win is at issue.

Daniel asks…

scam in house rental (westen union)?

here is the message i received and i would like to let you aware about this person and the method of scam

chris.willie1234 []


Viewing my Property is not a Problem but i will like you to do a thing. I guess you will understand this. It’s in the policy my Solicitors has told me and i wish to abide by it. I won’t get any money from you now. So you will do a thing to make me believe you really need the Apartment.I have been fooled several times and I had to travel a long journey with my Solicitors to meet people who wants to view my property and at the end of the day they tell me they want to stay in the apartment for a month before they would pay me. I don’t want this to happen to me again so My Solicitors has advised me that I have to be sure that who so ever is renting my property should be capable of paying the cost of the rent.
You will go to the nearest WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER around you,Send to your Friend send the sum 1100pounds in western union. The money is still within you. I am not ready to get money from you as i have said. All I need to see is the western union money transfer copy of receipt giving to you.Scan the western union receipt and send it as an attachment to my email just for me to view it and be sure you are ready to get the Flat. after viewing the house, and you really like it, You can go together to the western union location agent or bank around here to get the 1100 pounds back and we can reach an agreement on how you will move into the Flat. I will pay back to you the charges you will be using in sending the money in western union. If you don’t understand, Here is an examples of how to do it….





I have a property on 15 Quinton Rd, Coventry, West Midlands, CV1 2WT, United Kingdom,Its 2 Bed Room and a Living Room, Kitchen and Bathrooms Included.I am willing to rent out my Property.The cost of my Property is Security Deposit which would be refunded to you if nothing is damaged in my Property until you would be leaving which is 600 Pounds and the House Rent is 500 pounds/Month and all bills is included Like the Utilities bills,water Bills,electricity Bills council tax bills E.t.c.I have attached pictures of the Room and Living room for you.
I hope you would get back to me asap so that we can finalize this.

Best Regards,
of course i would not be dumb, no money transfer, except feel bad and sorry for these s u c k e r s.

there is two others have sent me messages, one called himself Larry David and other called himself Dennis – this one gave me his phon number to me and speaks very poor english.

Administrator answers:

This scam is older then the internet. I can not imagine that anyone is stupid enough to fall for it. Which makes me wonder why people keep trying it.

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