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Your Questions About Apartment Rental Agreement Florida

January 4, 2013

Thomas asks…

Is there such a thing as a 30 day termination clause after living in an apartment for more than a year…?

Someone told me they were able to get in writing, a 30 day termination clause when they signed for their next year’s rental agreement. My contract needs renewing but I don’t want to go month to month because it will raise my rent by $150 a month. I may be moving this summer but I’m not even sure if I will be able to swing this and will have to stay throughout the year’s contract. Paying $150 more a month on just a hope of moving seems extravagant but also paying over a $1500 for breaking a yearly lease, is also pricey … am I between the rock and the hard place? Oh by the way, I am a musician in the state of Florida, with iffy employment, causing me to live on the edge.

Administrator answers:

Ask for a 3 month lease with a 30 day notice to terminate.

Your argument/point of view could be:
“Late spring and summer are the prime times for folks to find rental properties. The children are out of school, folks go on vacation and the property doesn’t have to be heated.”

Its a solid base for discussion.

THE WORSE any one will tell you is, “No” AND the rent is raised. Other than in love and romance, “No” never hurt any one.

AT BEST, you’ll get that re-negotiated lease – without any rent increase.

OR you could agree on some terms and rent in the middle.

Thanks for asking your Q! I enjoyed answering it!

Ron Berue
Yes, that is my real last name!

Lizzie asks…

My lease with my landlord violates his condo assocation agreement will I have to move?

I recently found a short term condo rental in Florida. I signed a lease and paid a security deposit. I moved in, and was there for a few days when I was stopped by security and told I had to register with the management company. So I went into the management office and was given an application form that states I wasn’t to move in (too late for that) until going before the board for approval. The association also wants to run my credit (which I’m ok with), but their financial requests are ridiculous. I’ve applied for apartments before, but this is the most detailed form I’ve ever seen, and I will refuse to provide all of the information that they ask. My landlord says everything is ok, but I’ve been going in and out through the back door to avoid the condo rent-a-cops.

My question is, can the condo association prevent me from accessing this condo that I have a lease for? Can they tow my vehicle from the owner’s parking spot? What rights do I have?

Administrator answers:

The condo’s issue is between their association and your landlord, since he is the owner. Your problem is also with your landlord. I do not think they can keep you from your apartment, but they can certainly tow your car if it is on the premises and it has not passed all their rules.

Steven asks…

What can I do to kick my roommate out if she is on the lease?

Okay, so my so called “best friend” decided to sign herself to our lease. We moved in two months ago while my husband was in basic training. I told her that she did not need to be part of the actual lease, and that the three of us (me, my husband, and her) could just have a verbal one, so she could move out when he returned home, if she did not choose to pay her part of the bills any longer. She insisted that she was going to do her part to help pay bills, and do her part to keep the apartment clean. ( I agreed to this seeing as we were good friends at the time and we had never had problems before, and also I felt bad because she was not living in a good environment prior.) Well, the first few weeks were okay, she helped pay for food and whatever else we needed. We got the electricity turned on with money (in her name) my husband wired to me and she agreed to pay him back for it when he returned home. Then it started one night and went downhill from there, she asked me if she could borrow my car (she doesn’t have one) to meet a guy at some bar. I agreed because she thew a temper tantrum more or less and I did not want to deal with it any longer. She stayed out all night without giving me a call, (seeing as she had my car out all night). A few days later she pulled the same thing and, of course me being the nice person let her take it off again to see the same guy from the bar night. This time I set some guidelines. I asked her to come back with it at a decent time and to not bring him in our apartment. She agreed to this without a problem. She did come home at a decent time, but she brought him inside with her. She totally disrespected my wishes and was a complete jerk despite the fact I let her use my car. Not to mention the fact that they brought in beer and we are both 19 and underage. I found out the next morning as I was talking to her sister that she did not even have her license, just a Florida identification card with her name on it. I was furious. I never thought I would literally have to check her license before she drove my car. This continued more or less for about another month (and needless to say she did not drive my car.) My husband finally returned home and got mad at me for letting her put her name on the lease, but realized there was nothing we could do now. She did tried to be nice at first and get along with the both of us, (she took off for two weeks with some co workers and was hardly there) then as it came time for the bills to be paid, and when she got home he asked her where her share of the money was for the bills. The agreement was that she was to pay for electricity, water, food, cable, internet and the washer and dryer rental. When it is totaled together it is only around 300, which is a steal for her considering our rent is 695. She made some lame excuse about how she did not have her check yet and it would be a little while. After begging and pleading my husband finally received the 200 she owed him for getting the electricity turned on. A few days later she finally coughed up the 57 and 100 for cable and electricity, which was already past due by the way. (by the way she lied about paying the bills so we made her give us to money to pay them) ( The cable is in my husband’s name, so we did not want anything against his credit, not that it matters to her since she did not give us the money for it.) So that was the only time we have received any amount of money for any bills. She would always begs us for rides to work, she works about 15 minutes away from our apartment. I told her I did not have the gas money to keep taking her, she has only paid me for gas two,or three times since we have moved into the apartment. I cannot afford to transport her to work when she does not want to pay for gas. ( I am in college full time and my husband is doing good supporting the two of us) So after a while I would tell her no, my husband told her to take the bus, seeing as there is a bus stop outside of our apartment complex and it runs by her work. Every time that suggestion was made she would laugh about it like she was too good to ride it. She eventually started calling co workers and getting them to give her rides, this started happening ever since one day she begged us for a ride after we said no she hid in her room and missed work entirely. That led into a whole different argument that turned into a screaming math because I apparently was acting like I was the one who was too good for anything. I fail to see how this is true seeing as she was starting to live off of my husband and I for free. She got paid then came home the next day, she works at a minimum wage job and told me out of her 400 and something dollar check she only had 70 left to last her two weeks. It was like she knew we were going to cover her for the bills so she was going to let it happen. She was giving out money to people she was staying with and she needed to buy a new phone cause her ex boyfriend took her off

Administrator answers:

I’m sorry to read that you are having such a frustrating time. I have been in that situation before.

Contact the landlord and tell him that you did not authorize any changes in the lease, and show him the original lease without her on it. That is the agreement he must use, since any changes have to be approved by all parties involved.

With his co-operation, you will then be able to use the legal resources available to you. Check with your local rental authority and ask for their advice.

Donald asks…

Can landlord enter my apartment at will. i live in florida and I refuse to pay anymore rent, im not on a lease

im not on a written lease or anything just verbal, when i moved in me and my landlord had a verbal agreement on rental terms such as direct tv (cable t.v.) and all electric is included in the rent well i got a call from my landlord sayin that he cant afford the cable anymore and i had to get it in my own name and pay for it myself. therefore im refusing to pay anymore rent, and he calls me all day, but my main questions are do i have any rights since we on on no sort of written lease, and i work from home can the landlord shut off the power? or walk in to the dweeling while im working or sleeping? and if he does have to give me notice to come in do i have to say its ok for him to come in b/c like i said i work from home and i cant have him comming in and distracting me. WHAT ARE MY OVERALL RIGHTS???? he doesnt even know my name or ssn or anything, i never signed anything.
im gonna just let him evict me but i need to know my rights

Administrator answers:

If you have no written lease and nothing in writing saying he agreed to pay for anything, he can do whatever he pleases. You can come home one day and find all your personal belongings literally sitting on the sidewalk. Without a lease, you have no rights.

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