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July 13, 2012

Charles asks…

Apartment Confusion? Help PLEASE!!?

I plan on getting an apartment with my boyfriend when we go to college, since the dorm rooms won’t allow our pets (lots of fish tanks, lab mix, and a chihuahua. I have found one that is near the college we plan to attend, it is around 570 a month but they have the right to charge 25 extra a month since there will be two people to a one bedroom apartment. Also since we will be in college we will need the internet so it is an extra 40 and 17 for that, plus the cost of bills (water, garbage, electricity, etc.).
So I actually have a couple questions…
What would the average cost of bills be (florida)?
Does credit matter? We don’t have any, but my mom will be cosigning me to one soon.
What is the average size dog allowed in an apartment? (rental agreement, in case you want to see what I’m talking about)

(internet and such info).
Thanks SOO much for your help!!

Administrator answers:

Average cost won’t do you any good because it depends on how much you use. If you turn the A/C way down, the hot water way up, in and out of the fridge and the front door, you will run up large bills. If you stand in the shower for hours, you will run up large water bills. . . The same for all others. You do want to be sure that the apartment is well insulated and you have the right to ask the landlord about previous utility bills. Insulation and caulking make a big difference on bills too. How well is the building kept up. Pets depend on the landlord and previous tenants and their pets will influence what will be accepted. Present yourself and your pets in a good way and be sure to tell him how well behaved your animals are and what good care you take of them and then be responsible with them. And don’t forget to scoop the poop.

Robert asks…

My Cable Wiring is Messed Up in My Apt Complex and They Can’t Fix it. Can get it fixed & bill them?

So I signed up for Cable on Thursday and it was supposed to be turned on on Saturday but it never turned on, so I called Cox and they sent a technician out and he said my apartment complex wiring was messed up (the cable wire that said my apartment was not going to my apartment) and that i can either pay $50 for him to come back and fix it or see if my apartment complex can fix it. So I called my apartment complex today and told them their wiring was screwed up and they can either fix it or they can pay Cox $50 to fix it. The girl called back and this was our dialogue:

Girl: Yeah, I talked to our guys, and they don’t have the tools to fix it. So Cox will have to fix it.
Me: Okay, and how to I go about getting Cox paid?
Girl: Um…you, I guess.
Me: Um…no, it’s not my wiring, it’s yours. I wouldn’t pay out of pocket to fix the dishwasher, why would I pay out of pocket to fix the cable wiring?
Girl: Um…hang on…..
Girl: Okay I talked with the assistant manager and she said you have to wait for our maintenance supervisor to get back on Monday and he can look it and maybe he can fix it.
Me: Okay and what if he can’t?
Girl: I don’t know…

Okay, so this is a week I’ve been so far without TV whatsoever (because I’m not going to buy a digital converter box when I should be paying for real cable any day now). I first told them about the issue on Sunday. Is there a time period where if they don’t get it fixed I can go to a third party (i.e. Cox) and bill them for the repair? Or is that only for plumbing and stuff? I’m trying to look over The AZ Landlord & Tenant act and found this:

§ 33-1364. Wrongful failure to supply heat,
air conditioning, cooling, water, hot water or
essential services

C. A landlord shall not terminate utility services as
specified in subsection A of this section which are
provided to the tenant as part of the rental agreement,
except as necessary to make needed repairs or as
provided in section 33-1368. Subsequent to the
execution of the rental agreement, a landlord may not
transfer the responsibility for payment of such utility
services to the tenant without the tenant’s written
D. If a landlord is in violation of subsection C of this
section, the tenant may recover damages, costs and
reasonable attorneys fees and obtain injunctive relief.
Nothing in this section shall preclude a tenant’s right to
recover damages as specified in section 33-1367.

But it seems like this only has to do with heat and water and electric, not sure where cable would fall, but I really don’t think I should have to pay to fix their wiring. I also found page 39 of but am not sure how many days I can put down for them to have it fixed by. Can anyone help me out with this?
Ahhh I think I found it!
§ 33-1363. Self-help for minor defects
A. If the landlord fails to comply with section 33-1324,
and the reasonable cost of compliance is less than
three hundred dollars, or an amount equal to one-half
of the monthly rent, whichever amount is greater, the
tenant may recover damages for the breach under
section 33-1361, subsection B, or may notify the
landlord of the tenant’s intention to correct the
condition at the landlord’s expense. After being notified
by the tenant in writing, if the landlord fails to comply
within ten days or as promptly thereafter as conditions
require in case of emergency, the tenant may cause
the work to be done by a licensed contractor and, after
submitting to the landlord an itemized statement and a
waiver of lien, deduct from his rent the actual and
reasonable cost of the work, not exceeding the amount
specified in this subsection.
B. A tenant may not repair at the landlord’s expense if
the condition was caused by the deliberate or n
Uh, no, you’re wrong. My apartment was supposed to be cable ready. It said so in my lease. They are in material non-compliance with the rental agreement. So suck it.
Seriously, what is wrong with you people? It’s not installation, it’s REPAIR TO THEIR WIRING. The free installation would have been done already if their wiring wasn’t screwed up.
The first part I quoted about essential utilities was wrong, I was still working it out. But they need to maintain my unit “IN REASONABLE REPAIR” according to A.R.S. 33-1324. That means EVERYTHING should work. The dishwasher, the refrigerator, the toilet, cable, EVERYTHING. Cable doesn’t work, through no fault of my own, and they need to repair it. Seriously, anyone who pays for repairs made to something they don’t own is an idiot.
Thank you Brendan! Yes I signed a lease for a cable ready apartment with working appliances, plumbing and electric. I have already filled out my 10 days notice (though I wish I would have known about putting it writing it 4 days ago), and I’ll have Cox fix it if they can’t figure it out by the 29th.

Administrator answers:

Section 33 provides for ten clear days notice to the landlord in writing. The maintenance man is due back on Monday. Serve notice on the landlord to get the time rolling and wait for Monday. If it can be fixed well and good if not you have served the notice and must wait for the 10 days to pass. This presumes that cable was provided for in the lease as you said.

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