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September 8, 2012

David asks…

Rental Contract/Agreement – going on vacation and want to rent apartment?

I’m going on vacation for 10 days and want to rent my apartment to a complete stranger. I need a contract/agreement sample but don’t know what it’s considered. It’s not a sublet, and is more of a short term thing. Additionally, I know my landlord doesn’t need to be involved because we asked if we could do this and he said sure, and that he didn’t need to sign anything. Please direct me to a place I might be able to find such agreement. What is it called? A short term lease? Thanks

Administrator answers:

A couple of caveats –

Get a good deposit (in case of damage like a broken window, coolaid on the carpet, etc.)

Hide or remove any candles. Don’t need the place burning down while you’re gone.

Remove anything of real value that you can easily replace if its broken or stolen. Once had a vacation rental that had decorative pillows worth $150 each. Rental tenant was caught on video taking the expensive pillows and replacing them with $10 K mart pillows.

Be sure to change the locks when you get back OR put a codable key pad on the front door with a code you can easily change. You don’t need extra keys floating around to your house.

Make sure its clear about the condition of the property before and after they leave. Who will clean it? What is the consequence if they don’t? What if they damage something? Make sure you have accurate ID and credit info on them. We had a client pay with a check (which bounced) and another who used a phony credit card.

I was in the vacation rental business.

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