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December 18, 2012

David asks…

I am looking for an Australian Shepherd that will have the temperament to be a therapy dog!?

I can’t have the dog for a few months, until summer, when I can get into my apartment. I prefer to have a puppy so that training will just be mixed in with the usual training and also because I miss having a puppy around. I don’t have any other pets with me right now. I am extremely passonate about therapy work and I can’t wait to get into it. I need suggestions of breeders that will have litters around late summer to early or mid fall. I would love to have an aussie but other suggestions are welcome as well.
I have done research and I have been working with about 75 different breeds in the last year so I know the grooming and things that go with most breeds. I also have friends that are trainers and do the temperment testing.

Administrator answers:

First research the breed and make sure this is the breed for you. An aussie as a therapy dog is great. They are highly intelligent and need a job and this can be their job. But also keep in mind the amount of time and grooming of this type of dog. Therapy dogs must be well brushed and groomed during the visits. But an aussie is a great choice. I would reccomend looking in your area through the aussie dog club for a reputable breeder. Then contact them and tell them what you are looking for. A reputable breeder will know what kind and type of their pups will be good for this. Find a breeder that temerpment tests. I think that’s a wonderful thing you want to do. Good luck.

Nancy asks…

Will my disabled daughter’s SSI change since I moved away from family into an apartment?

I was living with my family — now my daughter and I are living in our own apartment. I was/am counting on her SSI to pay for the rent until I can find a job. I am going to school, giving her daily, continual speech therapy – no child support and I really need the SSI to increase. When I reported the move to Social Security, they did not tell me if there would be a change – or what it will be. All suggestions/information appreciated.

Administrator answers:

The SSI your daughter receives is to support her. It does not matter where she lives. She gets what she gets because she is a child. The only reason it would change is if you moved to another state with a different state supplement. Part of supporting her is to put a roof over her head. You can use an SSI check to pay for housing, utilities, food – whatever she needs. And if the side benefit is to take care of the person who takes care of her – that is OK too.

Robert asks…

Getting a therapy cat — how do I get my apartment to allow it?

I’m planning on getting a therapy cat in the next little while (or, rather, a kitten who I will be training to be a therapy cat; she’s already got the temperament for one). I have anxiety, an extremely low stress threshold, and suffer panic attacks; both my parents and psychiatrist have recommended a cat to help alleviate this, as I’ve had extremely good experiences with cats relieving stress/anxiety in the past.

However, I’m headed to college in a few months, and none of the college-approved housing (which students are required to live in; it’s a private university) allows pets unless they are documented service animals.

As far as I can tell, federal law does not count therapy animals as service animals. Does anyone know of any certification programs, obscure laws, brilliant arguments, or necessary documents to prove that this animal is indeed a service animal and not just a pet?

Administrator answers:

Is an emotional support animal a type of service animal under the ADA? No.


You’ve got several different federal laws to consider and each defines “service animal” differently. The Air Carrier Access Act, and Fair Housing Amendments Act both include emotional support animals under similar coverage as full service dogs, though they do not explicitly say so.

The problem is you can’t just look at statutory law. You also have to look at case law is is basically statutory law interpreted by judges.

I’m not clear on what kind of housing you mean. Getting one into the dorms is extremely unlikely except possibly if you have a private room. But getting one into an apartment shouldn’t be that hard.

I have a brain injury and have having a very difficult time thinking clearly today, so I can’t give you as much detail as I usually would. But I can point you in the right direction. First, google the following search phrase:
“emotional support animal” “no pets”

Very near to the top, if not the first one on the list of results is an infosheet from the Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law, intitled “Emotional Support Animals in ‘No Pets’ Housing.” It has scads and scads of information in it for you.

There’s another document that’s more difficult to find. It’s an interview with an official from HUD talking about ESAs. I can’t remember the exact spelling of his last name (It’s Herb Zilxxxxxx), which means you can’t easily Google for it. I’d have to pull it out of my files, which I can probably do in a few days when my head clears. The problem is, I will forget this question very quickly and won’t remember to return to it when my head clears. That’s just the way it is when I have a seizure. So ask me again tomorrow or the day after on the Service Dog Central Forum and I’ll dig it out for you.

Oh. And see if you can find out if your college receives any federal funding at all. If yes, then another law, the Rehab Act, would also come into play.

Or somebody ask hopesclan to remind me because she’s the one who sent me the link and asked me to answer this question. Sorry hopesclan, it’s the best I’ve got today.

Sandra asks…

What are the requirements for massage therapy in Puerto Rico?

I am a black female moving from the U.S to San Juan, Puerto Rico to persue my career in massage therapy. I need to know the requirements and pay for massage therapist in Puerto Rico. I am also looking for a houses or apartments that are furnished with uilities included. What would be good web sites to research that?

Administrator answers:

Requirements are none. The issue here – are you licensed or it is a pleasure massage. The massage business in PR is booming but in the wrong way…..prostitution is illegal and men/women have established massage parlors as a front for their prostitution business…so watch out.

To research pay and apartments, I would recommend:

For job and pay – search in your browser Empleos Puerto Rico and search the sites.


Thomas asks…

what is the oregon state definition of an aid animal? does therapy for post traumatic stress disorder count?

My husband is currently reciving treatment for post-traumatic stress from being overseas with the army. His therapist told him to play with our dog, as it is a good stress-reliever. Since our dog is a grouchy old fella we got a kitten to love. Now our apartment manager tells us we cannot have a pet under 1 year old unless it is an “aid animal”. Since the kitten is part of his therapy, does it count? I know he would be very upset to have to get rid of his kitty.

Administrator answers:

Have the doctor write a prescription for the cat. Not qwuite the same as for medicine but the cat is medicine so to speak. A letter from the doctor should be enough for the land lord. Be sure not to let the cat dammage his property though. Beyoun that you can go to legal aid and have them check it for you. They may write a letter as well.

Betty asks…

Are people allowed to offer massage therapy on Craigslist?

What about people who didn’t go to school for it or have some kind of certificate? Or is it a Union thing, making it illegal to practice for payment?

I was just wondering how to make some extra money when I get an apartment… I guess it might be kinda dangerous to offer a service like that from an apartment, but I might be desperate for some extra cash.

Administrator answers:

Two problems:

1. That is extremely dangerous. If you’re advertising unlicensed massage on CL, the subtext is sex, whether you mean it that way or not. There are plenty of creeps on CL looking for an “erotic rubdown,” and very few of them will be honest about their intentions, since it’s illegal to solicit prostitution. So you’re opening yourself up to some very dangerous misunderstandings, and making it a hundred times worse by telling the creeps where you live.

2. Yes, it is illegal to practice massage therapy without a license, in the same way that it is illegal to practice physical therapy, chiropractic, or medicine without a license. It’s licensed and regulated for a host of reasons, and you can be arrested and jailed for trying to skirt the laws. It’s not illegal to massage a friend/loved one casually. In most states, the defining characteristic is payment – if you receive payment, whether it’s cash, goods, or services, then you are practicing massage and must have a license.

Maria asks…

Where would be a good place to hang a massage therapy flier?

My friend is a massage therapist and in order to get her business out there, we made fliers. Now, we cannot seem to think of places to hang them. We put some up at local nursing homes, bc lets face it, we cna’s need our massages. I put some up at apartment complexes…. and one at a gym. Now we cant think of any other places to hang them. Any Suggestions?

Administrator answers:

Health food stores, Chiropractic offices, hair salons, gyms are all great. But offer the give the employees at these businesses massages at a reduced price. They are such a good source for referrals.

Look for health fairs. A lot of companies put on health fairs for their employees. Offer free 5-10 minute massages and you will be the most popular booth. This is a great way to drum up business.

Offer coupons on your fliers as incentives. Something else that also works great is going door-to-door with businesses and selling packages, for instance, three massages for the price of one. This is another good business builder. Good luck.

Susan asks…

Why can’t a person use oxygen if they live in a basement apartment?

My newest client is supposed to be on oxygen therapy but because she lives in a basement she can’t use it. So she has to find another place to live. I’m just wondering why the basement is an issue.

Administrator answers:

Oxygen if highly flammable and most basement apartments do not have a very good ventilation system(if any) and it can build up and cause a explosion.

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