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June 26, 2013

John asks…

Therapy dog apartments?? help please!?

I’m getting my dog ready to certify him to be a therapy dog. I’m wondering would they be allowed into an apartment even if no pets are allowed? Or is that just service dogs? Also my mom has an emotional support dog, could she bring her dog into the apartment without saying it’s a pet?

Administrator answers:

Therapy dogs are the same as pets. You do not have any special rights to have them any place that pets are not allowed. The purpose for getting him registered as a therapy dog is to have him independently evaluated as to temperament and training so you can show administrators at hospitals and nursing homes that your dog is suited to therapy dog visits. They still get to choose whether or not to allow you to visit with him.

If your mom is legally disabled and her doctor has prescribed an emotional support animal because of severe mental illness, then she can ask for a reasonable accommodation to be permitted to keep the emotional support animal in an apartment with a “no pets,” rule. The landlord may be able to make some restrictions on this including a size limitation or breed limitation. If the landlord refuses the reasonable request for accommodation, she’d have to file a complaint with her state’s human rights commission or attorney general. It would not resolve the immediate problem as it typically takes a few years for these complaints to be fully resolved.

Here’s an article describing how to write a letter requesting a reasonable accommodation for a service animal:

And a sample of the kind of letter she’ll need her doctor to write:

Sandra asks…

Does anyone have a creative idea on how to break a my apartment lease?

My daughter’s therapy has caused myself a huge financial burden ..I guess just like most of America, I can’t afford my rent anymore. I do not have a buyout clause. Please if you have a creative way to break a lease…leave me an answer.

Administrator answers:

Creative idea as to how to break your lease? You need to either try working out an agreement with your daughter’s therapist or your landlord. Check with your landlord to see if they will allow you to sublease the apartment. You’d have to find someone that they approve and upon that person taking over you lease you’d be free of your obligation. If you sit back and do nothing you will eventually be kicked out thus ruining your credit. If you go to your landlord and be honest with him/her they may allow some sort of exception. Unfortunately sitting back and doing nothing or getting kicked out, you will still be obligated to pay the pass due rent. Your landlord can also take you to small claims court and sue you. Instead of hiding or trying to come up with creativity to get out of your jam, be adult and work something out.

Ken asks…

If i wanted to stay in an apartment in New York?

And just got a doctorate degree in Physical Therapy. Where would i be able to stay. I am from California and thinking about finishing school here and then moving. I also am taking classes to be a teacher. Which job is better in NY? And those of you who live in NY tell me what you think about it, please.

Administrator answers:

Apartments in New York may require a long lease from you.
I would look for an extended stay hotel if only in NY for a few weeks.
Most people choose the Envoy Club across from NYU Medical Center.

It can be a starting point until you find a solo or roomate apartment.

Good luck with your travels and studies.

Daniel asks…

College: U of M Flint, what is a nice apartment complex?

Im going to go to college at University of Michigan Flint for physical therapy school after this summer 2011 and am looking for a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment around 15 to 20 mins off campus.

Where do a lot of the Grad students live?

Bonus points if you can give an estimated cost per month, what is included, the safeness of the area ect.

Administrator answers:

You might check with the on campus housing office for assistance. They normally have excellent leads for off campus rentals.

Web sites are a good place to find an apartment or house to rent, if you want to go through the entire list to find one in your state and then city.

The best place to look for places to rent is to go to the yellow pages of your telephone book, look under property managers.

These individuals list properties for rent in certain areas, so make sure you select the areas in which you wish to rent.

Call several of the property managers listed there, tell them you want a list of properties that they have for rent. Some will fax, email or mail the list of local places to rent along with the address, number of bedrooms and bath rooms, amenities available, such as washer and dryers or gyms, the monthly rental of the unit. Most will include a rental application. These list will include the monthly rental required, if a lease or month to month agreement will be signed. They will also indicate if they will accept Section 8 vouchers. They will also indicate it they have disabled access, allow pets and if so the type allowed.

They might indicate a web site that you might visit to get their list of places to rent. It does not cost to get a rental list from a reputable property manager.

Some will require you to stop by their office and pick up the list. A lot of them post their list outside so the list are available 24/7 365.

Make sure you don’t fall for the scams and purchase a list as 70%-80% of these list are composed of free list they have compiled. They are not the property managers of any property in most instances.

You might also google Property managers in whatever city or community you want to live in and see what comes up. Again do not pay for this information as it is free from reliable property managers.

I hope this has been of some benefit to you, good luck.


Donna asks…

Cheap Insulation for an Apartment wall that not too hard to put up or take down down besides draperies?

I live an apartment and cannot put in permanent insulation. My bedroom is on the right on the side of the street and long driveway where many cars pass by. It’s also where people front door is so I get lost of noise. Please help me.

Administrator answers:

Several ideas:
Cloth of any type will deaden sound; the fluffier the better. You could tack up some old comforters. You could use carpet padding. You could find a furniture store or warehouse that throws away styrofoam sheets and use that.

I would go with the carpet padding. If you hang it vertically you could staple it up with a minimum of holes, then cover it with cheap flat sheets for better aesthetic appeal. Walmart sells reasonably priced sheets individually packaged, and you can get the carpet padding from a discount carpet dealer.

I would also recommend getting a white noise machine. My husband used one for years when he worked midnight shift. It really helped deaden the neighborhood noises and allowed him to sleep through lawnmowers, kids , barking dogs, etc. He liked the ocean wave setting. Here’s an example of a noise machine:

Best wishes,
-Lady Di

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