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October 31, 2012

Lisa asks…

What is the number one obstacle for people looking for apartments?

What is the number one obstacle for people looking for apartments? What is the number one obstacle during apartment searching?

Administrator answers:

They have bad credit.

Sharon asks…

What kind of animals do greenville NC apartments allow?

After my senior year of high school me and my friend ( since i have been in diapers and her pullups ) are going to move to greenville, NC , hopefully, right now she live in fairfax,VA and i Nashville,North Carolina , ( she grew up here in NC but she moved )’= , but we spend the whole summer together ) and i was just wondering if apartments allowed reptiles ,we are planning on getting a cornsnake, 2 bearded dragons, and my bulldog ,, would they allow that?

Administrator answers:

Aquarium pets, like the ones you mentioned, are low risk pets to a landlord and shouldn’t be a problem. Most tenants don’t even mention them because they don’t make any noise and neither the landlord or the neighbors will ever be aware of them unless you actually show them off. The dog, on the other hand falls into a separate issue and will require permission.

All landlords are potential possibilities, but you will have to ask them individually

Michael asks…

What are the best websites for finding apartments?

I am planning to move out of state, so I can’t easily visit the apartments I am looking at. I want to know which sites have the best, most reliable information on rentals, and whether there are any websites to avoid.

Administrator answers:

Steven asks…

Is it illegal to rent 2 apartments at the same time?

My husband and I have been renting an apartment for over a year, but now Im trying to rent another apartment for my mom and my sister, the lease will be under my name, and Ill pay for it. Is this legal? Im not going to get in trouble for having two apartments, right?

Administrator answers:

It’s not illegal, but you need to be clear with the second landlord that mom/sis are living in the apartment and you aren’t. They may need to be on the lease. (People not on the lease are considered guests or trespassers and guests are usually limited to 2 weeks stays.)

Robert asks…

How to best advertise a garage apartments-only rental site?

I recently acquired a web site that specializes in garage apartments. (Not hard to find via search) The key feature is the ability for property owners to post garage apartments for rent; prospective tenants can then browse the listings and contact owners directly.

There are plenty of shoppers coming to the site due to decent SEO, but I’m not able to attract landlords to post their listings. What’s the best way to reach out to people who own garage apartments to have them post on the site?

Administrator answers:

Well marketing will cost money like advertising on yahoo/google,can you place free ads anywhere you need to reach out to Alto of people personally i would try craigslist,it really is brilliant good luck

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