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November 6, 2012

Chris asks…

What is a good website to look up apartments for rent?

My parents and i have been looking for apartments (personally) for like a month, and some are too high, others dont allow pets, others simply dont have any available, and others dont allow 3 people (my parents and i) in one bedroom apartments. They are too picky! Right now we live in a studio, and want to move on to an apartment even if its 1 bedroom. What we can afford is from $760 down. And here in Miami, one bedroom apartments is around that price. Any websites? Thanks

Administrator answers:

It isn’t legal for 3 people to sleep in one bedroom. If that is what you want you need to be looking in the neighborhoods where no one gives a damn what is or is not legal.

William asks…

What apartments can my boyfriend get into?

Me and my boyfriend have been together for a year and decided to move out with eachother. We never thought it’d be this hard, considering he is a felon. Is there any apartments in the Vancouver, Washington area that you know of will let him rent there. He is a good man trying to change his life around but no one is giving him that chance.

Administrator answers:


You may also want to look into private party rentals. I know someone with a rental property in that area who may be willing to give you a shot with a large downpayment, lots of rules, and at least $1500/month rent.

Remember, a lot of it comes down to $$$$ and first impression. If he owns up to the errors of his ways upfront and offers a ton of money to a private owner, he’s more likely to get approved. If he shows up with prison tats, a pit bull on a chain, a bad attitude, and a “you owe me this” attitude, no one is going to take the chance.

Sandy asks…

What apartments do young professionals live at in Houston, Tx?

I want to live with like minded people and am looking for a place to stay. Everyone is pretty much the same and they think that young professionals are snobby and whatever else but really do we care. I just feel more comfortable with the same type because the ones who already know how to read don’t need to spy into my computer to learn. Back on the subject, where does a young professional live in Houston? What apartments?

Administrator answers:

In thousands of different places in Houston

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