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December 15, 2012

Daniel asks…

What is an efficient way to Find out what are dog friendly apartments in a town without calling everyone?

I have a dog walking business and my goal is to target luxury apartments in a high density town/city that are dog friendly. calling realtors is a waste of time they only give you a couple of places at most. Any thoughts or suggestions? I want to go to a few apartment buidings and call it a day rather then running around different towns and wearing out my car. Thank you!!!!

Administrator answers:

The problem with “dog friendly” apartments is the fact that once a dog has resided there, the apartment can only be subsequently let to a dog owner or dog lover.
Seems an odd way to run a dog walking business – traveling around by car making cold calls to promote your business

Chris asks…

What are some good websites to find apartments?

Besides Craigslist of course.

I need to find an apartment either in the Los Angeles area (where I live currently) or in Brooklyn, New York where my mother lives. I can’t find any Brooklyn apartments online all of them are like in downtown Brooklyn where I don’t want to live… Please help.

Administrator answers: lol no joke

to start at LA it’s

Donna asks…

How can I recycle if the recycling truck doesn’t come to the apartments were I live?

I live in an apartment and I would like to recycle because I love the environment but the recycling truck doesn’t come to this apartments. Please help me!

Administrator answers:

I’m in the exact same situation; my apartment building manager says that recycling would be too expensive… I now collect all my recyclables in my unit, and drive to the recycling facility every 3 weeks.

Depending on where you live, there is probably a drop-off location. If you go to this website ( and enter your zip code at the top of the page to find a location.

Steven asks…

How often do people rent apartments to a 16 year old?

Do people rent apartments to 16 year olds? If not is there a way you can rent an apartment but you parents be the main person that signs the contract?

Administrator answers:

Only if your parents will live there with you. It is illegal to rent to unaccompanied minors or allow them to live in your building. You must be 18 (or legally emancipated) to rent an apartment in the US. That is because you can not sue a minor. So if you fell behind in the rent or did damages you didn’t pay for, the landlord would have no way to collect the money. Not to mention the huge liability. No landlord would want to take that risk. Sorry kid, you’ll have to wait 2 more years.

Nancy asks…

How do we boost our apartments free wifi signal?

Our apartments have a free wifi setup but the signal is pretty weak and our service cuts out. How do we boost the signal from our apartment without a land connection for a router?
Our laptop for the most part is not the problem its our other devices like our wii and our ps3. Anything we run on those that has online connections like netflix, or playing online, does not continue to work cause of the weak signal. Will a repeater still work for those devices as well?

Administrator answers:

If you are able to hook up an external wi-fi antenna, you can try using a Can-tenna.
Or; try using an external USB antenna.
Or, if you are using a laptop, run the laptop while it’s plugged into the wall.
When your laptop is running off line power, it dial back on some of it’s power saving features. One of those is the wi-fi signal strength.
You could also try getting a wi-fi repeater. Find the location in your apartment with the best wi-fi connection and place the repeater there. The repeater will then provide you with a locally strong signal.

Mandy asks…

What is the best website to use to find apartments in Hawaii?

I want to move to Hawaii but I need to find apartments before I go there, so where is the best place to look online?

Administrator answers:

you can find apartments in all 50 states!
Just look under US rentals

Robert asks…

What kind of fees should I charge an Apartment owner to show apartments and give & collect applications?

A Owner of several different apartments and houses needs some help in showing apartments and houses to prospective Tenants, and to also give and collect application & fees. Some of the listings are local some are not. Not quite sure what a reasonable fee would be, any ideas would be appreciated.

Administrator answers:

If you don’t have a real estate license you are breaking the Business and Profession Code of your state and could be prosecuted. When a disgruntled tenant figures out that your are unlicensed and then files a complaint with the District Attorney you will be in hot water.

A “resident manager” is not required to have a real estate license, but you said that you will be collecting and showing property in different apartment buildings and houses which would make your activity totally illegal.

Landlord, thank you for confiming my opinion.

William asks…

How much are apartments / flats worth in Amsterdam near the canals?

How much are apartments near the canals in amsterdam worth? Approx, in euro or CAD.

Administrator answers:

It completely depends on where in Amsterdam. Virtually all apartments in the centre of Amsterdam are located near a canal by virtue of being in the centre, and that the centre is a network of canals.

There are of course “better” and “worse” area’s to live in depending on your outlook and the prices vary accordingly, and of course the size of the apartment makes a big difference as well.

Here is a listing from one of the biggest sites with houses/apartments for sale in the Netherlands. It is filtered for apartments in Amsterdam “on the waterside”

The cheapest is €125,000 but this is 2 rooms and 49m2 plus it is in the North of Amsterdam (by ferry from Central Station).

The most expensive is €2,600,000, 5 rooms, 300 m² in a nice area of Amsterdam centre on the Keizersgracht (some of the description is in English)

So then of course there is everything in between, so you would have to give more details about where in Amsterdam, how many rooms, what size (m2) etc and then the price range could also be narrowed down

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