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December 21, 2012

Donna asks…

Remember Jerry Seinfeld’s apartment set on Seinfeld. How big is that compared to real apartments in Manhattan?

People say affordable apartments in Manhattan are small. I’m just curious how they compare to the Seinfeld apartment seen on the show.

Administrator answers:

There are two things you have to consider:

1) Seinfeld was fantasy, nobody wants to watch a TV show set in 600 sqft studio apartment over a Chinese restaurant. His “apartment” was a decent size for Manhattan.

2) Seinfeld was filmed in the early 90s, back then, rent was far less than what it is today. His apartment in the 90s might have gone for $1,800 or so.
Today, that same apartment, a one bedroom, elevator building, intercom system, would probably start at $2,700—and that’s if you’re lucky.

My apartment is in the Upper West Side, 2,200 sqft, two bedroom elevator, doorman, intercom, private terrace and private video surveillance, on-site gym, and it’s $4,200 a month to give you an idea of running Manhattan rates.

Depending on what you’re willing to sacrifice, which part of Manhattan you’re willing to live, and how hard you look (I’ll be honest, I didn’t spend near as much time as I should have viewing and looking at apartments), you could find an apartment for much less. However, finding anything under $2,000 that isn’t in the projects is a Godsend.

Susan asks…

How do I stop smokers in surrounding apartments?

My apartment reeks of smoke due to people in surrounding apartments especially in the kitchen and bathroom. How do I get them to respect their neighbours and smoke outside or stop altogether? If they want lung cancer that badly, why do others have to suffer? There are more simple types of suicide that don’t make others suffer.

Administrator answers:

If theres no rules against smoking in ur apartment building, then they are well within their rights to smoke. Its most likely coming thru vents and exhaust fans. U could try covering them up, that would work, but u may then encounter problems unless u regularly open windows to let air in and out of ur apartment and problems when cooking and showering unless u can open a window.
Move out if u can.

Thomas asks…

Where can i find apartments in phnom penh?

I live in America and am wondering what websites to find apartments in Phnom Penh.
Or perhaps just any links to Americans looking to live/rent in other countries. Ex. France, China. Cambodia.

Administrator answers:

Here is a long list to choose from :

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