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January 3, 2013

William asks…

Do you need a real estate license to advertise apartments online?

I am starting an online business that advertises for apartment complexes and rental homes in texas and iowa. My question is, in order to advertise for the apartments, will I need to be a licensed real estate agent? I am not selling or renting the properties, I am only providing a place for the owners/companies to advertise what they have available.

Administrator answers:

I agree with JB, since everyone uses<=what will make them go to your site when they can advertise there for free?

No, you don't have to be a real estate agent to advertise apartments, however you should know HUD's equal opportunity laws when it comes to advertising.

Thomas asks…

How to you buy apartments above store buildings?

Me and a friend are looking to buy a cute apartment and we saw a bunch of cute apartments above old stores near where we want to live. I have been trying to figure out what to do or who to talk to so I can see how much rent would be or even if there are any available. So I was wondering if anyone knew if these apartments had a certain name and how I could look them up?

Administrator answers:

You can not buy apartments, you can rent apartments, you can buy the hole building. You can buy a house, condo, townhouse, Mfg home, duplex, but you can not buy one apartment.

Mary asks…

How much to charge for landscape service at Apartments complex?

How much to charge for landscape service for apartments? (mowing, edges, removing trash)
Do you charge by apartment? By square feet?


Administrator answers:

Most complexes have a body corporate, and owners of the apartments pay body corporate fees. Landscaping and maintenance comes out of those fees.

John asks…

How do apartment leasing offices determine rent?

I am currently looking at different apartments to move in to. I keep seeing rent per month in ranges.. For ex. 650-800 per month. How does the apartment management office determine how much rent you will pay? Is there anyway you can talk them down to a lower rent?

Administrator answers:

Many apartment complexes have different size units and different floorplans which can affect the price of the monthly rent also some apartments will rent on a month to month basis for a higher price than a long term lease. You can always try to talk them down but don’t count on it.

Betty asks…

How can I find apartments in my area?

Are there any legit websites I can go to to find apartments in my area? ( I mean the ones that do not charge a monthly subscription ).

I live in West Los Angeles and want to find an apartment within a 10 mile radius


Administrator answers: and yahoo! Real estate

Nancy asks…

How can I fix the error in the sims 2 apartments?

So I’m buliding my own apartments and I can’t figure out what I’ve done wrong. I know the cheats to turn a residential to apartment base and vise versa, but when I type in the cheat to turn it to apartments, a window comes up to tell me I need to fix or revert something. The doors are placed correctly. There are no driveways. What do I do?

Administrator answers:

Are the back yards fully enclosed with no gates if you have any?

Do you have back yards in lots with foundations? They won’t work

No “secret”: bookcases that could connect to another apartment.

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