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January 14, 2013

Michael asks…

Where could I find rental apartments for America?


I am looking for a apartment rental apartment in America.
Not for vacation, but for everyday living.

Is there a website where I could find such apartments?


Administrator answers:

You can find listings of apartments by typing in for example “apartments in New York, New York,” in the search bar in Google or Yahoo. You will need to type in the city and the state. Like Chicago, Illinois and Houston, Texas. Pictures and information will come up on web sites about the apartments..This will lead you to apartment locators and real estate agents.

Sandy asks…

What’s a good website to sreach apartments listings?

Apartments for in the east bay.

Administrator answers:

Since you are a Yahoo user, why not try:

Click on apartment rentals in your area.

Good luck with your search.

Joseph asks…

Do you know what brand/type of paint is used in apartments?

I want to do some spot-painting in my apartment, but I want to make sure it’s the exact same thing. Does anyone know specifically, what generic brand or style paint is used for white walls in apartments, the cost and where I can find it?

Administrator answers:

As a painter at an apartment complex-I just HAD to answer this one! Please, for the sake of your deposit-ask the property manager or landlord for touch up paint! They will most likely give you a small jar of their paint.
You could possibly be charged or have your deposit taken to cover the cost of repainting an entire wall if you attempt to color match the paint yourself!
Also, before you consider painting, use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to remove scuffs and scratch marks from the wall first. (Rinse the residue off with a clean rag and water when finished.) You might be amazed at how many spots can be removed without actually painting! Save the jar of touch up paint for the spots that won’t come off with the eraser and water.
I don’t know how most landlords/complexes are, but there isn’t really a standard, generic, regionally used paint/brand. And most of the time, even though the walls “look” white, they are actually painted with an off white color or they have faded with time.
If I were you, I wouldn’t chance anything when it comes to getting your deposit back! It costs money to paint an entire wall, and it will cost a lot more if THEY are going to charge YOU for it!
Good Luck!

David asks…

Sims 2 apartment life, how can i have apartments in my own neighbourhood?

The only apartments are in Belladonna Cove, how can i make one in my own neighbourhood, not houses, apartments for rent!

Administrator answers:

Create a new residential lot and build an apartment that suits you. When you have finished building your apartment and have added all windows, doors etc. Bring up the cheat menu (CTRL + SHIFT + C) and type in “changelotzoning apartmentbase” (without the quotes) and then save and exit to the neighbourhood. Now move a family into the lot you just created. When the family arrives on the lot, you will notice that the old residential mailbox is now a multi apartment mailbox. You can now play the lot as you would any other apartment lot.

Laura asks…

How do you build your own apartments on Sims 2 Apartment life?

Hiya, I bought the game yesterday and I have explored almost all the features but I can’t see how to build your own apartments. Can you and can you give me a brief description how. Thanks x

Administrator answers:

Build your apartment building(s) as residential buildings and for the apartments, they must have only one entrance/exit and it must be the special apartment door (separator door or something). After building the apartment building type in this cheat: changelotzoning apartmentbase.

Ken asks…

What are the closest apartments to Phoenix East Aviation in Daytona Beach Florida?

Im going to school there, and need to find the closest apartments to it. The more apartments you give me, the more help it will be.

Thank you

Administrator answers:

Google “Phoenix East Aviation in Daytona Beach Florida” then click “search nearby” type “apartments” click “search” button.

The link is below…but the apartments did not show up

William asks…

Does Amazon ship to apartment complexes and does it cost extra?

I live in a apartment and I don’t know if online stores ship to apartments.
We have mailboxes but they’re small and stacked together in one place.

Administrator answers:

Everyone else is right. Just wanted to say of course it doesn’t cost extra, think of all the business they would lose by charging people extra just because they live in apartments. That would be bad, stupid business, and Amazon is pretty good about good customer service.

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