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January 27, 2013

Mark asks…

Are the typical requirments to rent an apartment different for just renting a room?

I know for an apartment you have to have held a job for a while, have a credit history, and/or have a cosigner. Are these general requirements the same for just renting a room? Are there any apartments where they are a lot more lax? How do you pick out an apartment that does not require these things? How do you find a room to rent that doesn’t require these things? Are there any places to live (other than a live in nanny job) that I haven’t considered already?

Administrator answers:

There are some apartments who do not do credit checks but they might be in bad neighborhoods.

Donna asks…

What company in Boston has the most apartments to show me?

I am a full time student and I work part time. I don’t have time to waste looking for apartments with companies trying to pressure me into an apartment I don’t want. Please help!

Administrator answers:

I found the best company to be Jacob Realty on Newbury Street. The have a really nice office right above the The Hello Kitty store and near the Johnny Cupcakes store. The agents are very professional and had alot to show my roommate and I. They don’t just focus in the Back Bay and Downtown areas, they know the whole Boston area! A bunch of my friends have gotten great apartments through Jacob and we have all found what we need and want. Check em out! You will thank me. ;)

Jenny asks…

What is the actual difference between an apartment, condominium or Townhouse?

I know most apartments are rented. Also Townhouses can be owned & are sometimes bigger than apartments but what criteria makes a townhouse a townhouse & what makes a condo a condo? I have also lived in one story townhomes & two story townhomes but never a condo.
MY townhouse is owned but the community is like that of an apartment! NO pool either LOL!

Administrator answers:

Often these terms are uses synonymously, but a condo differs in the way the property is owned. With a condo you own the space between the walls, but not the building itself or the land it sits upon. Condos also tend to have common areas that are owned collectively with other condo owners in the same building/development. Townhouses are sometimes sold owned like condos, sometimes unto themselves. Apartments are the literal translation – a part of something else like a larger building. Townhouses usually denote houses that are attached to adjacent structures on its’ sides. I hope this clears things up for you.

Paul asks…

What apartments would you recommend or side of portland?

I am going to be attending Portland Community College(Beaverton) and my friend is going to atttend Mt.Hood Community College(Gresham) and we want to rent a apartment together but dont know where to rent it so it can be half and half(travel) I was thinking about NE? and what apartments would you recommend?

Administrator answers:

SW Portland would be exactly half way for both of you but there are not a lot of apartments in SW portland thats why I live in Beaverton. I recommend getting one of those apartment magazines and going through it together…maybe when she realizes Beaverton has newer more affordable housing she will give in? Sometimes you can even find a small house in NE portland to rent that is less expensive that any apartment.

Charles asks…

What is the best website for accurate apartment reviews?

I am looking for apartments in the North Dallas (TX) area and I feel like every apartment I look at has the most horrible reviews ever. I get that some people have higher expectations of apartments, and that sometimes managers post “anonymous” positive postings. Has anyone found a site with reviews that pretty well reflected the apartments you looked at or moved in to? Just feeling a little overwhelmed right now.

Administrator answers:

Well I moved to Huston, TX about two months ago and what I did was not to pay much attention to apartment review sites. Rather I simple looked if the place was being kept up well and looked at the surrounding area. As long as they checked out and the place had the features I wanted in my price I was happy. The site i used to find my place was I would highly recommend them, because I am so happy with the place I found. Good luck!!


Mandy asks…

What’s a familyfriendly neighborhood close to bus stations and has affordable furnished apartments in Houston?

or which real estate website is reliable to help me find furnished apartments in Houston, TX?

Administrator answers:

Call Remax Realtors for locating.

Also Houston Apartment locators service.

There’s no friendly neighborhoods in houston that I know of. Most of the people are all about themselves and don’t care about anyone else but them selves.

Out side of houston is a different story though. Clear Lake has bus stops, Sugar land, Katy, The Woodlands.

Lisa asks…

What are the best apartments in West Hollywood?

I’m looking to move to West Hollywood within the next year or two and am looking for a decent apartment. I’m just trying to get ideas right now. I suppose the apartments dont have to be right in West Hollywood either, any surrounding area will help too! Any info will help! Thanks!

Administrator answers:

West Hollywood has some very high density areas that aren’t very nice, and some are scuzzy, especially close to Hollywood, but the apartments are still expensive, figure $1300 to $1500 on the low end. The nicest areas are close to Beverly Hills, and they are very expensive. North of Sunset Strip is very nice, a small older one bedroom starts at $2000, with a view will be $2500+. There are a zillion apartment buildings in WeHo, you’d have to look for yourself to decide what area is best for you, and in your budget. WeHo has very high crime.
WeHo info:

Good luck!

Steven asks…

Does anyone know where I could find apartments that accept bad credit?

I have bad credit and looking for apartments for me and my daughter to reside. I have income and everything just looking to find the easiest an quickest apartments.
Even better would you be able to suggest any places to check out Im located in Maryland.

Administrator answers:

They are NOT ALL IN THE ghetto. That’s BS. I’m one of your neighbors in Jersey and I have a nice little apartment on a lake that I’ve lived in for 3 years and I have poor credit. Look for the smaller buildings..not the bigger complexes. The larger complexes are owned by by guys that always want you to jump thru all these hoops and stuff with credit checks, but you have a better chance with the small landlord and small building. Believe me..they are out there. I found mine in the paper. Good luck!

Susan asks…

What is the term for apartments where the front door is inside a hallway?

What is the term for apartments where the front door is inside a hallway (like a hotel)?

Administrator answers:

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