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June 6, 2013

James asks…

sims 2 apartments, how do i get more than 4 families to move into an apartment?

I have an apartment building with like 12 apartments but it will only let me move 4 families in so is there a cheat or anything that’ll let me move more in?

Administrator answers:

In the neighborhood it only shows four slots for playable Sims’ apartments, so you likely can only have 4 playable families in a single apartment lot and the rest will be inhabited by townies.

Chris asks…

How to decorate white walls in apartment?

I am currently switching apartments in my building, because the new one is slightly larger and has been renovated. I painted my walls a light chestnut color, so much of my furniture and art is of Middle Eastern style with rich browns, reds, and golds. I am not planning on painting my new apartment, so how do I style it without having the furniture weigh down on the feel or look out of touch. I want the apartment to have a feel of light and airy – is it possible?

Administrator answers:

A good little trick for interior design is placing a mirror on the wall. This gives the effect that the room is bigger then it is and not to mention its also quite nice to have a mirror in the house to check how you look before you leave the apartment!

Harveys furniture have a good range of mirrors that may be just the thing for you:

Michael asks…

Where can i find a list of UT apartments or west campus apartments around the University of Texas?

Whats the best place to find information for University of Texas apartments, or UT off campus apartments?

Administrator answers:

Depends on what and where you want to live. Also what level or type of place your looking for,

I agree,
ut luxury apartments is a good site you can ask questions and get answers really quickly.

Betty asks…

What is the difference between an apartment and a flat?

Don’t say that a flat is British and an apartment us American. I’ve been looking at apartments online, and I’ve noticed that a few of the complexes offer both flats and apartments, but the flats seem to be cheaper. Why is that? I never even knew there was a difference.

Administrator answers:

A flat is all on one floor (it’s “flat”), but an apartment could be on more than one floor and have stairs connecting the floors.

However, 90% of the time, they really mean the same thing – a place you can rent in a larger building; it’s just that “flat” is more of a british word and “apartment” is more an American word, but they mean the same thing.

Helen asks…

What style apartment does Sonny Kofax own in the movie Big Daddy?

The giant apartment that he owns in Big Daddy. Are there that type of apartments in most big cities or is it something that was just in a movie?

Administrator answers:

I think it is a studio apartment where it is one big room.

Linda asks…

How do you figure an estimate for painting an apartment?

I have several apartments that I need to give a bid on and I have no idea how to start.

Administrator answers:


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