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June 13, 2013

Susan asks…

What are US apartments called out there in England?

In the US places that you rent on a monthly basis is called an apartment. In England apartments are like US hotels. What are US apartments called out there in England?

Administrator answers:

An apartment isn’t a hotel…it’s an apartment or a flat. If you look for or ask about apartments people will know what you are talking about.

George asks…

How does it usually work with college students finding an apartment?

Me and my friend are looking for an apartment and we’re both students…for some reason it is so hard…but everyone else we know that are students have apartments. can someone please give me some suggestions.

Administrator answers:

Many apartments (particularly those that are located by a university) offer deals for college students. Some colleges even have websites catered to searching for apartments located near the campus. Also, try websites like,, or even to search for apartments. Another suggestion would be to just drive around the neighborhood surrounding your school to see the availability of apartments.

Lisa asks…

What are some things to consider when looking for first apartment?

My boyfriend & I are looking at apartments. For both of us this will be our first place so we could use any helpful tips & advice.

Administrator answers:

The first thing to do is figure out what you can afford..remember all expenses: electric/gas, water, trash (if applicable), cell phones, cable/internet/home phone, food, gas for cars, car insurance, car payments (if applicable), any any other expenses you may have. Also, factor in deposits to move in apartments, furniture, etc. You should also look for something in a good location…you may pay a little more, but it is definitely worth it. Make sure that you don’t over extend yourself, because you don’t want to be house poor. I hope this helps, feel free to email me with any other questions about it. Good luck!

Ken asks…

what apartments in fort campbell do you recommend to live in off post?

I’m looking for apartments mostly in the clarksville area that would be close to fort campbell. what apartments do you recommend? and not recommend?

Administrator answers:

Check with the housing office but you want to avoid Riverside and New Providence. Tiny Town is the main drag where the majority of apartments and soldiers are. If you go out further near Exit 11 off I-24 it gets more expensive.

Mark asks…

What are important things to look for when deciding on a new apartment?

Two of my friends and I are looking for an apartment for next school year. It will be the first time that any of us have lived in an apartment, though we have all lived in dorms this year. What are important things to look for when looking at prospective apartments?
What sort of things do I need to ask the landlord?

Administrator answers:

The most important thing is the lease terms- you need to be sure and clear on how long you are contracted to stay in the apartment. Don’t sign anything until you read it and most importantly never live in an apartment unless you have signed a lease!!!!! A lot of times short leases are more rent than year leases (at my complex a month to month lease is 100 dollars more a month than a 12 month lease)

make sure they have 24 maintenance available in case there are emergencies with heat or water.

Although they can not tell you details due to legal purposes ask for a general idea of the ages of people living in the building or complex. As a young person fresh out of college i picked a complex with lots of old people who complained about me playing my radio (at a reasonable volume)

i find it extremely helpful to find a complex with free heat and water…sometimes it’s hard to find. Most apartments will pay sewer and trash but make sure it’s very clear in the lease what utilities you are paying for.

Never accept an apartment until you have looked at it. Many states it is required by law that the carpet is replaced and the walls are repainted…make sure this is done before you sign the lease.

Also, make sure it is clear in the contract and that you know before you sign the lease just how much notice you have to give before moving out. If you do not give them notice even if your lease is up they often will keep your security deposit. For most complexes it is usually a 30 or 60 day notice.

Good luck!! Use–you get 100 dollars if you mention to your landlord or leasing agent that you found out about the apartment on their website.. might have reviews on your prospective places, it’s always good to check those out.

Mary asks…

Do most apartments let you paint the interior?

The neutral colors of most apartments are sooo boring. From you experience, do most apartment units let you paint over them?

Administrator answers:

No, most apartments have a standard white/off-white color. The neutral color goes with everything and is easy to repaint/touch up for a new tenant.

Before you change the color, get written permission from the landlord. Some will allow you to paint whatever color as long as your paint it back to the neutral color when you leave.

Mandy asks…

How to look for apartments in Toronto above stores and restaurants?

I’m looking for an apartment in downtown Toronto, but I can’t seem to find anything online that I’m looking for. I want an apartment above a store or restaurant in downtown, or as close to downtown as possible. What $ rent/month should I expect living in that area, and how can I find these kinds of apartments online? Thanks.

Administrator answers:

If you’re looking for a bachelor apartment, it will be about $1000/month. Check “” – they have tons of apartments available and you can limit your search. Also do you know what area you want to live in? If you can afford it, Yonge and Bloor is the best area, College and Yonge is nice too (or anywhere along Yonge from College to Bloor).

As for wanting an apartment above a store or restaurant, why? I’m sure you could find those in Kensington Market area or Chinatown but it won’t necessarily be nice. (between Bathurst and Spadina and also between College and Dundas) I probably wouldn’t want to live there. Cabbagetown is pretty cheap but sketchy.

If you have a budget, I’d recommend looking at places just outside of downtown such as Bathurst and St. Clair, Bathurst and Lawrence, Yonge and Finch, Sheppard and Yonge, High Park, etc.

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