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June 16, 2013

Steven asks…

What are apartments above stores called?

I’m looking for an apartment but I want one above a store. There’s usually bars, cafes, antique stores, etc. on the main street. Can anyone tell me what they’re called, just regular apartments? Also, how can I go about renting one?! Do I talk to the store owner or will there just be a for rent sign? Thanks!

Administrator answers:

The buildings that have these are called MIXED USE buildings, but if a landlord is seeking a tenant, they are just going to advertise it as an apartment, separate from the commercial space below. You can look for “for rent” signs or ask the owner of the business below. The business may very well be a tenant themselves so seek their landlords name and phone number. Sometimes the landlord gets so much money for the commercial space, they don’t even bother with the apartment above. And if both units are empty these properties are usually marketed as commercial space, not residential.

Robert asks…

Which apartments in Indianapolis have an indoor pool?

I’m looking for an apartment with an indoor pool. So far I’ve found Suncrest and Marrott. Are there any others, and does anyone have a recommendation for any of these apartments? Thanks!

Administrator answers:

If fitness and an active lifestyle are important to you, Salem Courthouse Apartments is the place to live. Take a swim in our indoor heated pool or enjoy beautiful our outdoor pool. Get into shape by working out in our fitness center and play tennis on one of two lighted tennis courts. You may also suit up, head for the jogging track or sports field, and volleyball. Salem Courthouse Apartment Homes are conveniently located just off of I-465 and 56th Street in the Lawrence Township School District. Also, offering carports and garages and a Clubhouse for entertaining and private functions. If your life is demanding and fast-paced, our services are guaranteed to ensure you have a beautiful, well-kept home.

Salem Courthouse
7007 Courthouse Dr Indianapolis, IN 46226-1206
Office Hours

Monday-Friday 10:00-6:00 Saturday 10:00-5:00
(866) 344-4394
Fax: (317) 757-8270

Mary asks…

How long for apartments to get full?

I have money to build about 10 apartments but I don’t want to spend much money if there just going to be without renting. I plan on making 600 $ moth I live in a suburbon city that’s ok cuality apartments

Administrator answers:

Q good idea would be to look on craigslist for apartments. Check them daily and see how many times a given unit goes up for rent. Usually they fill up pretty quick. Easy deposits and easy credit checks help a lot. I had a four unit building a few years ago. They stayed full The biggest problem was people skipping out on rent

Sharon asks…

Can the chihuahuas be left at an apartment for many hours?

I’m planning to live in an apartment in Phoenix along with my dogs (both of them are chihuahuas). Because I’m a student, of course I won’t be at home for many hours. Should they be in a dogs daycare or I may leave them at the apartment? In there any apartments in Phoenix which provide dogs daycare?

Administrator answers:

Yes,you are able to live your dog home alone inside your apartment when you are at school,but leave the radio on so he will not feel alone.there is dogsitters search the internet for their location nearby your house dogsitters are expensive.

Betty asks…

How do you get rid of cigarette smoke smell in apartment?

I live in an apartment that allows smoking in the apartments but I do not smoke in my apartment. However the people that live under me do and the smoke is getting into my apartment and into my clothes hanging in my closet and everything. Is there anything that I can do to get rid of the smell?

Administrator answers:

Sealing up the tiny places around the baseboards and where the smoke is getting in will help. And vents. If there’s a vent above the cook stove, the smell can come through it. A felt deal or weather stripping on the bottom of the door will keep the smell from coming in there.
Everything will have to be washed with some baking soda in the wash. Plus everything in the apartment will have to e cleaned.

Laura asks…

How much extra money per month would you value a washer/dryer in your apartment in nyc?

I am trying to compare a few apartments, 1 has a washer/dryer in the apartment the other doesn’t. There are other factors which I will leave out but the location is essentially the same (across the street for each other).

So how much extra money per month do you think having a washer/dryer in your apartment should be?

Assume the base apartment per month is $3000.

Administrator answers:

How often do you do laundry? Every week? Every two weeks? Then think about that trip to the laundromat, how much is your time wasted there? 3 hours? How many loads do you do on average?

Personally… The washer/dryer in your apartment is so much more worth it than not having it, I hate the idea of people looking at my dirty undies.

Mandy asks…

Can an apartment manager require you to be home?

My apartment complex is remodeling the exterior, including changing paint colors. When they paint the doors, they will have to remove the locks and hardware and leave the door propped open. The passed out notices to the tenants stating someone will have to be home because the apartment can’t safeguard the open apartments.
What recourse do I have? I can’t afford to miss a day of work to literally watch paint dry! Can I withhold the amount of lost income from my rent?

Administrator answers:

No. You are not required to stay. You know the risks, if you are willing to take them it is your choice.

You can not withold rent.

If you do not have any family that can chill there for awhile you can ask a neighbor to keep an eye on your place too.

While the workers will not pay attention to who enters your apartment, they certainly would notice anyone carting off the TV, this is not as risky as it sounds.

Maria asks…

How do I find an apartment with quiet plumbing?

I work late and get up late. Two apartments now and I find that when my neighbors get up and take showers, it’s loud enough in my apartment that it wakes me up.

What causes this problem and how are buildings engineered to not have it? How can I find an apartment that won’t have noisy plumbing?

Administrator answers:

Doubt you will find one real quiet. Most cheaper apartments have no insulation between walls of units. If you can find one constructed of cinder blocks it will be a winner.

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