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June 24, 2013

Donna asks…

What apartments take german shepherds in omaha, ne?

Im trying to find an apartment closer to downtown omaha. The apartments that I live in now (Huntington Park Apartments) are way too far away from my job. My huge problem is, is that I have a german shepherd. She weighs around 60 lbs right now. I need help finding an apartment that takes shepherds in the Omaha area. Please help! I won’t get rid of her, I just don’t want to stay where I’m at.

Administrator answers:

I am going to give you two links. The best thing you can do is call.


Michael asks…

Apartments in stillwater, oklahoma which is affordable for a college student?

I’m moving to stillwater, during the spring and I can’t find anything about the apartments there, is there any good apartments for a full-time college student that is affordable and will not be fined like crazy for stupid little things. I prefer studio or 1 bedroom apartments if they have internet included I’m all set. So please if you guys know of any apartments that are affordable do tell me.

Administrator answers:

Hi there,a little reading for you..


regards pops..

James asks…

what is the difference between HOTEL and HOTEL APARTMENT in Dubai?

me and my wife are planning to visit dubai in feb. the travel agent at air arabia suggested us to book a hotel apartment instead of hotel. according to him hotel apartment will have a bedroom, bathroom and kitchen (sounds like suite room to me).
what exactly is the difference between hotel and apartment? is apartment cheaper than hotel in dubai? do apartments have room service?

Administrator answers:

Hotel-Apartments are basically suites with no room service (some of them provide that though if you ask). Basically you get a small kitchen with a sink, oven/microwave, & fridge where you can prepare your own meals. They are usually cheaper than hotel rooms and if you don’t require room service, doing your cloths & meals prepared for you , the hotel apartments are the way to go.
The bad thing about hotel-apartment is usually location is not near tourist attractions like hotels are (i.e. Beach or malls etc). In other words you need transport.’

Nancy asks…

How much is an electric bill for a one or two bedroom apartment?

I am going to be moving into an apartment for college in about a year, but I have a tight budget; I know that a lot of apartments include water, sewage, and garbage, but that still leaves electric. I am going to a specialized school so campus housing is not an option. So I was wondering how much approximately does an electric bill cost per month for a one or two bedroom apartment? Thank you!

Administrator answers:

In my one bedroom town-home-style apartment, i had an electric stove, heat, and AC. I used those swirly energy-efficient light bulbs in all the light fixtures. My electricity bill was significantly higher in the summer because I live in Georgia and had the AC on all the time. In the summer my bill was around $75 per month, but was as high as $100 one month. The rest of the year, it hovered around $40 or so.

Mark asks…

What are the apartments based on income called in New Jersey?

In New York, apartments based on your income are called Mitchell Lama Developments and mostly done by lottery. But I now live in New Jersey & can’t seem to find the subsidized apartments that I can afford. What are the names of the apartments here & how can one apply for them?

Administrator answers:

This looks like the website you want. It has a bunch of links, including the one I put below it.


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