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July 18, 2013

Linda asks…

How noisy are apartments on Portage Ave in Winnipeg?

I am thinking of renting an apartment on Portage Ave, west of Polo Park Mall, it is facing the street. Is it going to be unbearably noisy?

Are apartments on Portage easy to sublet to others? Is it easy to get out of the lease by subletting, or does no one want to rent these apartments?

Administrator answers:

Quite noisey, the only thing noisier would be corydon in the summer.. Also they arent exactly prime location as far as apartments go so it should be quite cheap.

Nancy asks…

What are some nice apartments around the University of Denver?

Moving to Denver for grad school and looking for some nice apartments around or close to the University of Denver – rent around $1000/month.

Administrator answers:

University of Denver is located in Denver, Colorado. If you are already attending or plan on attending University of Denver, then you have come to the right site. We will help you find University of Denver apartments or student housing that fits your needs. Some students want an apartment that allows pets, others want to individual lease, while others want a furnished apartment. No matter what you are looking for, you can use our apartment search feature to help.

Ken asks…

Is it hard to find a apartment in new york,new york without an infestation problem?

Do most apartments in new york have a infestation problem and if so is it hard and expensive to find a apartment with out a infestation problem?

Administrator answers:

Yes, most apartments are filled with hipsters from the south and midwest.

George asks…

What are the pros and cons of living in an apartment verses a house?

My husband and I have been living in apartments for the past couple of years and were thinking about moving into a house since our apartment lease is almost up. We have a small dog and are thinking about having children within the next couple of years. Could anybody tell me what the pros and cons are on both living in a house and living in an apartment?

Administrator answers:

I’ve lived in both, and here is what I’ve found:

Apartment Pros:
-Cheaper rent
-Cheaper utilities
-Landlord/maintenance is usually readily available

Apartment Cons:
-Less room
-Less sense of “ownership”
-Less freedom
-Bad neighbors can have a huge impact on you

House Pros:
-Neighbors can be far enough away that even bad ones won’t affect you
-Sense of ownership
-Usually no strict rules/community guidelines
-More room
-More freedom to decorate, garden, etc.
-Better for pets

House Cons:
-More expensive (rent and utilities)
-Landlord/maintenance can live far away, or can be generally unavailable if something goes wrong
-Harder to find

Susan asks…

What are the restrictions for American Pit Bull terriers in San Diego apartments?

Also, which apartments do allow them?

Administrator answers:

I happen to live in San Diego and I will tell you that the majority of apartment complexes in San Diego have three general restrictions on dogs. There are restrictions on breeds (which bull terriers are almost always included), restrictions on the weight of the dogs (normally 20 lbs or under), and the number of dogs (normally 1 or 2, unless you have a cat in which they will then restrict the number to 1 or 2 pets total).

If you are wanting to find out which apartment complexes will let you have pets I have found the best thing to do to narrow your search is go to where you will be able to narrow your search to places that have pets. From there you will either be told what the restrictions are or they will tell you to call them for restrictions.

Ruth asks…

Do you need a credit card to rent an apartment?

So I’ve seen how apartments check your credit. So does that mean you have to have a credit card? I’m planning on moving out on my own pretty soon now. I have a stable Job and saved up a lot. I was wondering if I need a credit card to rent an apartment? Also any tips/advice would be helpful and appreciated. And if anyone has had experience renting an apartment, if you could explain the process. Thanks a lot (: this will be my first time.

Administrator answers:


Of course not.

You need acceptable credit. Not a credit card. Those are two entirely different things. You can get good credit by paying bills on time, having a bank account that you’re current on, not having borrowed too much money, having a reasonable income, etc.

The rental process in brief:

You find a place you like. You fill out an application that includes a credit check and a background check. (The background check is for criminal activity.) You pay some money with the application–maybe $50, it’ll vary. That’s the application fee.

You also pay a deposit which holds the apartment for you.

If you pass the credit and background checks, then you’re approved for the rental. If you haven’t already, you pay the security deposit. Often, it’s equal to one month’s rent and you get that back at the end of the lease if you haven’t caused any damage.

Before you move in, you pay the first month’s rent. You pay in advance, so on July 1, you’d pay the rent for July.

And that’s it.

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