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July 22, 2013

Paul asks…

How Can I Make Apartments on my Sims?

I just want to figure out how i can make my own apartments on the sims2. Does anyone knows? I cant seem to find the Mail box that the apartments use.

Administrator answers:

I don’t think you can really make separate apartments. I mean…if it’s apartment life that you have…well i know nothing about that one.

So in case it’s not. To make an apartment in the Sims 2 I would build like a regular sized home. Then try and see if you can add stairs on the outside of the house leading up to a door. For this to work you would need to build multiple floors. It sounds like a challenge, but I have never made one. So this is how you do it im guessing.


William asks…

How can I find an apartment beside the newspaper?

I have never found a place from a newspaper listing. There is too much competition. I located almost all my apartments by networking with others.

Does anyone have any other ideas beside canvassing the area (looking for “apartment for rent” signs)?
I’m already on Craig’s list. So far, I only heard from someone thta wants a roomate. I am seeking an apartment of my own.

Administrator answers:

Let your fingers do the walking. Try the yellow pages under apartments or rental agents. Agents handle MANY more properties than are ever listed in the newspaper. People in the newspaper generally do not have an agent which can cause you untold grief if later you have a dispute of some kind with the landlord, who happens to be acting as his own agent. The same applies to Craigslist. Craigslist is essentially the newspaper with people acting as their own agent. I HIGHLY recommend going through a rental agent, and when you finally FIND a place you like, have the agent go through the apartment WITH you and take pictures, which you leave with the agent to document the existing condition. THEN, when you move later, the owner can’t come back at you for damages or cleaning unless there really ARE problems. You will have proof in the form of the pictures held by the agent to compare the condition to see if you really ARE at fault for any damages. Having the pictures being held by the agent prevents an unscrupulous landlord from claiming damages or cleaning and keeping your deposit. Those deposits are there to cover things if you do damage or do not clean things so the apartment can be rented again immediately. If you clean and there is nothing other than normal wear and tear, you should get your deposit back without argument. The pictures keep the landlord honest. Take a LOT of pictures of everything. If you use a digital camera, PRINT them, 2 copies, you keep one set and have the other printed copies added to the file the agent keeps on the property. Personally, I used a Polaroid camera and simply took two pictures at a time, one for me, one for the agent. AND, I asked the agent to accompany me so he could see the same things I did as well as have his copy of the pictures immediately.

Mark asks…

Can i get an apartment with no credit history and no cosigner?

Im 21 and looking for apartments within my price range. My job will be able to cover all bills as well as utilities and still have money left over. But i have no credit history or cosigner? This will be my first apartment. I read online that if you offer to pay first, second and last months rent that it helps people in my situation. Is this true? How can I get an apartment? Help!

Administrator answers:

Just apply for the apartment. They will determine if they think you make a sufficient amount so that you can afford their apartment. All they might do is ask for a larger deposit, but you have nothing to worry about. Everyone has to start out somewhere.

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