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July 28, 2013

Richard asks…

How do i go about getting the corporate office number of my apartment complex?

I live in north hill square apartments and my complex will not give me the corporation number?

Administrator answers:

You didn’t say where North Hill Square Apartments are located…but the link below has some information on the owners/managers of an apartment complex of the same name in Jackson, MS.

Paul asks…

What are the best websites for finding apartments especially in the Bay Area?

What are the best websites for finding apartments especially in the Bay Area? ….and I mean apartments where you that have reviews.

Administrator answers:

Try Cazoodle Apartment Search

Mark asks…

How do I know if my state/city requires fire sprinklers in my apartment?

If there is some law that requires fire sprinklers in apartments, then I want to be able to convince my landlord to install them.

Administrator answers:

Get hold of your local building inspector’s office for the city/town that you live in. They will be able to direct you to the right place or else answer your question. But just FYI, I doubt if you could convince your landlord to install them (unless you help foot the cost). If the apartments are currently occupied, then a “Certificate of Occupancy” has already been issued and they have passed the current fire/building codes. But I do agree that they are a good idea.

James asks…

Which degrees should I get to start an apartment complex?

I feel like this is a good market to get into, since during the recession, many people started moving into apartments and since a lot of students continue to shuffle through apartments, there’s a never-ending audience. I was just wondering which degrees would be good to have to kick this off.

Administrator answers:

Business and then experience managing an apartment complex.

I’m skeptical about your prediction though. True that tenancy rates are up now but, by the time you’re ready and eligible to own an apartment complex, I think the pendulum will have swung back towards home ownership.

Mary asks…

i live in chicago il im on the waiting list for metroplex apartments?

Hi im on the waiting list for a one bedroom apartment for metroplex apartments how long will i be on the waiting list to get my apartment?

Administrator answers:

If the apartments are in the section 8, it can be 1 to 3 years to get an apartment.

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