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August 6, 2013

Maria asks…

How much is a pet deposit in apartments?

My boyfriend and I are moving to SC soon and I’d like the know the range of a pet deposit in apartments? Does the deposit number double if you have 2 pets? Thanks in advance. :)

Administrator answers:

Usually you’re charged PER PET, and there are usually SIZE requirements. If you try to move into a place and you have two rottweilers, expect to be told you can’t have dogs that big in that apartment. There’s a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit (set by each individual apartment complex management), and there is a monthly fee added to the rent for each pet.
The ONE exception is birds. Most apartment complexes don’t require a pet deposit for birds — which is great, because I have always had at least one bird in every apartment I’ve ever lived in. I have three now and don’t pay a premium for keeping them.

Robert asks…

What is short for an apartment building?

I’m writing a story and its set in America where they have apartments, I was just wondering what is considered short like how many floors? And what’s considered massive?

Administrator answers:

In general, what we call apartments would be at least two floors. But there could be exceptions, such as a complex of attached units at the same level. Almost any multi unit dwelling CAN be called an apartment building.

There are specific names for some of these. Two attached units is called a duplex. Each individual unit might be called an apartment. A fourplex would be four apartments, usually two at ground level and two above. The structures can be called apartment buildings, no matter how many units. Larger buildings, or sets od buildings are called apartment complexes. A large complex of government subsidized apartments are sometimes unofficially called “the projects,” but this is a kind of deraughetory, dismissive term.

Condominiums, or condos differ from apartments in that each unit is individually owned, usually by the tenant. An owner will pay his own mortgagage and interior maintenance, plus an additional fee to a management entity that is responsible for upkeep of exterior structure and common grounds. While living in a condo is essentially the same as living in an apartment and all outward appearances are the same, residents don’t usually call their unit an apartment. They clearly refer to their home as a condo, or condominium.

Other, similar living arrangements include sharing a house, apartment or condo. In this situation there is usually a primary resident such as an owner or leaseholder. This person the shares the residence with each person having a private bedroom and using the rest of the unit in common.

In other situations, the primary resident may sublet, or rent out a room with certain specified “priviledges” such as kitchen, laundry, storage, etc.

I don’t know if I’ve covered all variations of the term, “apartment,” but this should give you some idea of how the word is used in the US.

Good luck on your writing.

Mary asks…

What is Residential College? Why is it more expensive than Apartments in Adelaide City?

Residential Colleges are more expensive than most apartments I’ve found. Residential colleges are about 200-300 per week, while Apartments are around 175-200 per week.

Administrator answers:

Residential Colleges are different from private apartments in that there are normally no separate utility expenses (electricity, gas etc.) and they also provide meals, tuition services, and organised social activities, among other things.

Mark asks…

Can I build an apartment at a Sims 2 University?

I have all but the Glamor Life expansion for Sims 2. I would like to put down an apartment in Sim State University. I couldn’t find the standard apartments so I spent all day building one. I changed the zoning to apartment just fine but when I put it in the lots bin to use in other Universities it disappeared from the bin. Does this mean it’s impossible to use apartments in University? Or will it work if I place the saved lot and change the base again?

Administrator answers:

No, you cannot put apartments into Universities. They have to be Dorms or Greek Houses.

Donald asks…

How do you make apartment on the sims 2?

How do you make apartments on the sims 2 apartment life? I am desperate! I need screen instructions and all! Your help would be much appreciated to alot of people!

Administrator answers:

Go into Build Mode and create the building ever how you want for the apartment. Make sure to include the apartment doors (the ones that lead into each individual apartment that you click on to rent the apartment). Once you’ve finished building your apartment building, save, but don’t leave the lot. Then press ctrl+shift+c to open the cheat box. A white text box will appear at the top of your screen. Click in it and type “changelotzoning apartmentbase” (without the quotes). Save and exit to the neighborhood. Go back into the lot in Lots & Houses Mode (the picture on the lower left of a house) to make sure that the game recognizes the lot as an apartment lot. Most of the functions in Build Mode (the picture in the lower left of a hammer and a saw) should be locked if it is recognized as an apartment lot. From there you can move a family into the apartment.

I hope this was clear enough for you. If you need me to clarify anything, just tell me! Good Luck!!

Ken asks…

What to look for when seeing an apartment?

I am going to look at a few 2 bedroom apartments. I have rented before, but i want to be extra through this time. What should i look for while i am in the apartment? What questions should i ask? Thanks for your time, it’s so much appreciated :)

Administrator answers:

Ask about noisy neighbors, and really listen to the noise level. Best time to visit is at the end of a working day because everyone is coming home, its the peak of noise.

2 always always have a check list of the condition of the apartment.

3 take pictures of any damage immediately upon moving, date them and have the agency sign that they acknowledge the previous damage

4 make sure there is good water pressure in the show, and that you fit under the shower head. Im only 5.8 feet and still find small showers.

5 go back to the apartment at another time and ask a neighbor how the area/building and management is. They are the best sources of info.

Mandy asks…

What are some good apartments in the Beaumont/Nederland, TX area?

I am going to Lamar University this summer and am looking for some apartment options/reviews. If yall know of any good apartments, please let me know. Thanks yall!

Administrator answers:

Hey Gregory,

I don’t specifically know any apartment complexes, but there are a lot of cool tools online that can help. Of course check out craigslist and the local newspaper. Also, I work for an apartment search engine called We just came out with a new site design and you can place a center point on campus and then search only within a specific distance of the school. There are lots of other new features you can try out, I placed a link below. Some other good searches are,,,

Also, for the reviews check out ApartmentRatings and Yelp. ApartmentRatings is devoted to apartment reviews, and Yelp of course has lots of business listings but they include property managers. I also attached links to these two sites below.

Hope this helps!

George asks…

How to obtain an apartment lease in another state?

I am almost graduating soon and I am planning to move to another state at the opposite side of the country. Of course I need a place to live and I want to have one before I leave my place now. Obviously I cannot travel to and from states just to check out apartments. How should I go about obtaining an apartment (a decent one at that) without possibly getting screwed over and whatnot with my situation?

Administrator answers:

You’re less likely to have problems if you wait until you get there. Apartment-hunting should be done in person.

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