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August 14, 2013

Carol asks…

How do you find the best apartment to rent in any city?

My close relative is applying for jobs in many different cities throughout California, so she is getting ready to relocate and rent an apartment close to her prospective work place. How can she find reliable, detailed the information about the living environment and the best apartments in any city or area?

Administrator answers:

The best way to find rentals is Craigslist! It’s world wide and you can find apartments locally as well! You get rentals like, apartments, condos, and townhomes! It’s in every city you can think of!

Richard asks…

When it comes to apartments what does emancipated mean?

Emancipated? Definitions and what does it have to do with being under age and apartments?

Administrator answers:

If you are an “Emancipated Minor”, it means you are equivalent to an adult. You have proven you have the maturity and have the means to support yourself, It means you can legally accept responsibility for the contract to rent or lease the apartment.

Thomas asks…

Can you build your own apartments with the Sims 2 Apartment Life pack?

I do not see the option to make your own building. I only see the pre-built apartments in the “special” houses category.

Administrator answers:

Yes, you can and you need cheats to create your own apartment. Just make your own apartment in residential lot like usual, and don’t forget to put the apartment special door, called “Unique Separator”. Put also the items in your apartment, because when your neighbor move in apartment besides you, the items should be there for them. The last step, open the cheat box (CTRL+SHIFT+C)
and type this: changeLotZoning apartmentbase
Save and go to neighborhood screen, Voila! You’ve made your own apartment!
Good luck and happy simming!

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