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August 16, 2013

Linda asks…

What apartment communities would be close to?

Orlando Airport, as a retired couple may want to move close to the airport, as they visit their son (by air) who lives in another state? Any nice apartments near the airport, (not retirement communities)? Thanks for any help!

Administrator answers:

This can be a difficult question to answer.. The Orlando International Airport MCO -has not moved. It used to be basically outside of the city. Now with so much new construction, there are apartments on all sides..I would look for a totally reliable real estate agent and with today’s depressed market, it should be possible to find just what you want.

Sandra asks…

Are there any apartments in Santa Clarita CA that have utilities included with rent?

Are there any apartments in Santa Clarita CA that have utilities included with rent?
Yes. I am aware that it will cost more to combine rent and utilities. I was just wondering if there is a place that offers that combo. Most cities have apartments that do.

Administrator answers:

Most large apt complexes are now charging for water, sewer & garbage as those costs have gone up. Smaller complexes & individual owners of condos, duplexes, etc., might still include them. Most will not include gas & electricity tho.

George asks…

How to Connect desktop to the internet when living in an apartment?

Do apartments usually provide connection?

Administrator answers:

Most apartments do NOT provide Internet services, however, check with your Building Manager if they have options available. Otherwise, you’d have to get your own Internet connection by subscribing to an ISP (Internet Service Provider)

Steven asks…

How is westbrook apartments out by the mall?

Are they bad apartments? Or in a dangerous neighborhood? Ima have a baby soon And I need to know.

Administrator answers:

It is an international forum, the chances of anyone knowing what you are asking about is remote at best.

Thomas asks…

What are some good questions to ask a potential landlord when viewing apartments?

I’m touring apartments this month- what sort of questions are good to ask landlords while you tour the apartment?

Administrator answers:

What amenities are included in the rent? Water, hot water, garbage service, parking, etc. Ask, don’t assume.

Ask what their policy is dealing with repairs and issues with neighbors. Ask if there are house rules and ask what those are.

Do they change the locks between tenants

Will they do a move in inspection with you and document items that are damaged so you aren’t charged for them on the way out (and if your landlord doesn’t do that, you do it and send them a copy within 2 weeks of moving in documenting everything you discovered, dent in appliance, missing or damaged screen, light fixture that doesn’t work, etc.)

Donna asks…

Are there any Chicago apartment sites that allow you to list proximity to the L train as a qualifier?

Looking for a 3 person apartment in Chicago near an L stop. All of the sites dont seem to have the option to search only for apartments close to the L.

Administrator answers:

That’s a good suggestion but I know of none. Why not use the CTA “el” system map at the same time as you investigate apartment addresses? Print CTA map below:

Mandy asks…

What is the best way to find an apartment?

Looking to move to Las Vegas but I need to find an apartment first but the only problem is that I live 2000 miles away. What is the best way to find an apartment without having to travel to NV and look at the apartments. Or do I just need to live in a hotel for a few weeks?

Administrator answers:

You could contact a realtor in Las Vegas and explain what you are looking for and they can prepare a list to inspect when you get in town. You may have to stay in a hotel for a week or so but it will be worth it to be sure that your apartment will be in a good neighborhood and what you want.

Sandy asks…

Neighbors in the apartment downstairs complain about water leakage from my apartment?

It is probably old pipes or something, we don’t know. It might even not be from my apartment, eventhough that seems the most likely. They want me to fix it at my own expense. I wish to know, legally, who is responsible for fixing the pipes?

Both of us own the apartments, so there is no landlord involved. In addition to this, there is no insurance. So, is fixing the supposedly leaking pipes my responsibility or the responsibility of the neighbors complaining about that?

Administrator answers:

If it’s coming from your apartment, it’s your responsibility to call a plumber or fix it yourself. I suggest you first figure out exactly where it’s coming from and your neighbors can help you with that.

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