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August 22, 2013

Carol asks…

Are there any Economical Service Apartments in Bangalore?

My family is going to come to Bangalore for a month.
I was wondering if I could get a furnished apartment for 1 month?
Are such apartments available? Most of the serviced apartments are too costly if I have to book for a month…
Any ideas?

Administrator answers:

Check out here all the service apartments in Bangalore.

Helen asks…

What is best Apartment complex for best price with a nice fitness center in UCF Area in Orlando?

What is best Apartments complex for a non student in the UCF Area in orlando?

Administrator answers:

I don’t know about the fitness center in particular, but here try these links:

George asks…

How can we get rid of the curry smell in our rented apartments?

Last year we rented out one of our apartments. The couple love indian food and cook curry a lot. Now they have stoped renting our apartment, but the curry smell is still there. How can we get rid of the smell? Thanks.

Administrator answers:

The smell is probably stuck in whatever fabrics are in the apt. Wash the curtains and steam clean the rugs. The rental carpet cleaners aren’t too expensive if you can get them back to the store in 24 hours.
Or just bomb the place with Fabreez.

Chris asks…

Is it dangerous for my apartment room to be right next to the stairs?

You know how many apartments have stairs on each level? Well my room is on the third floor and my apartment is RIGHT across from the stairs. As in when people walk up the stairs the first apartment door that they would see is mine. Is it dangerous?

Administrator answers:

As a general rule, most apartments are a lot safer from home invasions on any floor but the first. (or burglaries, etc.) However, any floor above the first floor is always more dangerous if the building catches on fire.

Mandy asks…

Going to Cape Fear Community college in NC, Wilmington is there any good apartments close by?

Is there any good apartments close by.

Administrator answers:

Go for the Shang-Gri-Lah Apartments. The rates are reasonable, you have a gas station just outside and across the street, and sometimes Jimbo and the gang can rig the pinball machine for free play all night.

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