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August 19, 2012

Lisa asks…

What are private owned apartments on a college campus?

A college says there are privately owned apartments on the campus for students. Does this mean one can live there with his girlfriend. And is there any rule, not that we are planning to break any laws.

Administrator answers:

It means that there are apartments there that are not owned by the school. That the rules regarding who lives there and who does not, how long the leases are, how much the deposits are, how they approve people to live there…. These are decisions NOT made by the school, but by the folks who own the apartments. (Most importantly it means that paying for your housing is not connected with your financial aid account at the school at all.).

Also be aware most apartment complexes require you to sign leases in months, rather than semesters. So find out how long they want you to agree to stay there before you commit to anything. You don’t want to have to stay in a place long after you have graduated, transferred, or gone home for Christmas or Summer break!!!

Lizzie asks…

What are some good websites to find apartments?

Besides Craigslist of course.

I need to find an apartment either in the Los Angeles area (where I live currently) or in Brooklyn, New York where my mother lives. I can’t find any Brooklyn apartments online all of them are like in downtown Brooklyn where I don’t want to live… Please help.

Administrator answers:

I got you links that can help you in your apartment search, just click and visit the websites below to know more.


Good luck on your search

Mary asks…

What is the best websit to find apartments on?

I have been looking through all the websites to find apartments in killeen, Texas and i haven’t had very much luck. I need to find apartments around Fort Hood. Can someone please help?

Administrator answers:

Jenny asks…

How much more would you estimate furnished apartments to be?

So this apartment complex I’m looking at online is $460 a month already. The websites say that furnished apartments are available/optional. How much more would it cost a month to get one?

Administrator answers:

Traditionally it would be $150 more per month. The furniture would not be beautiful or modern but it would be functional.

Joseph asks…

Is it possible to rent apartments in singapore and use them as service apartments?

I want to start service apartments in Singapore. Does the law permit the use of private apartments for service apartment use?

Administrator answers:

I d not think that the issue is the law. No landlord is going to allow this.

Linda asks…

What breeds are usually not allowed in apartments?

What breeds are usually not allowed in apartments? I want to get a dog, but I know that I’ll be moving into an apartment in a few years and I want to make sure I’ll be able to take my pet.

Administrator answers:

It all depends on what rules the apartments have. Some will have no pets policy, some may only allow birds. Or cats. Some have weight limits, some have breed restrictions.
When it is time for you to move in a few years you will just have to start researching your options in advance.

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