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September 23, 2012

Helen asks…

How much should I charge to clean empty apartments?

I want to start my own cleaning business, mainly focusing on doing detailed cleaning on vacant apartments. What would be the average I should charge per apartment?

Administrator answers:

Better off sticking with an hourly rate. A one bedroom could take you 5 hours but the next one could have been inhabited by animals and take you 10 hours. Charging a flat rate per apt. Will have you losing money in the long run since too many people leave a mess behind

David asks…

What are some good tips on looking for apartments?

I’m looking for an apartment to rent. I heard people say you should start doing research. But where to start? All the apartments listed seems to available right now but that means it doesn’t give you much time to move.

Administrator answers:

Tips when looking:

look out for busy roads close by-noise and also train tracks, some agents are shifty and show you in between the times of trains so you dont kno till your first nite..
Look for cupboard space, and heating. I have rented a place with no heatin before.. The shower was also in the kitchen and my fridge was in the bedroom..
Look for a toilet.. Mite sound obvious but some apartments have share toilets.
Stay in the inspection a little longer and close the windows and doors strange smells that are hidden appear.. These are better found before agreeing on renting..
Just a few mistakes ive made, hopefully these help..

Donna asks…

How do you make apartments taller than 4 floors in the Sims 3 Late Night?

Hi everyone,
How do you make apartments taller than 4 floors in the Sims 3 Late Night? Im in the process of building an apartment right now and I can’t get it taller than 4 floors which is kind of a cruddy apartment. :P

Administrator answers:

Use the cheat buydebug and use the templates which make it like 20 levels

Michael asks…

How can I get plants in sims 2 apartments, so my dog can use the bathroom?

I have sims 2 apartment life, and I recently bought sims 2 pets. I couldn’t figure out why the dog wouldn’t pee, despite being outside and really needing to go. Then I read that you have to have plants for them to pee on, and sometimes they’re picky about which plants. But in apartments, you’re not allowed to plant flowers or trees, because it says “Location out of bounds.” How can I make plants, so that the dog can pee?

Administrator answers:

This is an interesting question. I believe there is a cheat code which will allow you to put things outside the apartment life boundaries. I’ve tried many and none have worked for me yet, but they may work for you! There are some apartments that have backyards with plants. Another thing you can do is switch the dog for a cat. Keeping a litter box is easy. There is a ring you can buy in pet supplies that is like a puppy in a little pen that is pretty much just for apartments, but your current dog can’t live in it. Hope this helps!

Lisa asks…

What to charge for cleaning apartments after tenants leave?

What would you charge for a one bedroom detailed cleaning (plus carpet cleaning)? What about a two bedroom? I am thinking of starting my own cleaning business focused mainly on cleaning vacant apartments and I need an idea of what to charge. I live in Nashville, TN and would love some advice from anyone in the cleaning business.

Administrator answers:

Prices vary pending on location. So what to charge?

I suggest calling other local cleaning services in your area and tell them you want to get a one bedroom detailed cleaning. Ask them for an estimate. Contact several vendors to get different quotes. Then determine the average price and use that as your starting point for what you will charge for your own clients.

Good luck.

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