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October 21, 2012

Charles asks…

What apartments below $550 in Downtown Dallas do you recommend?

I’d like to live in Downtown Dallas. My sister and I are going to share an apartment. We want a two bedroom apartment in a nice vicinity. Apartments below $550 dollars. :) Please recommend us some. I’ve been looking for them, but all that come up are $1,000 per month apartments. Please help, it’d be greatly appreciated.

Administrator answers:

You’re not going to find anything in Downtown for that cheap. I’d actually never rent a 2 bedroom in Dallas for that little – chances are your neighbors will be drug dealers and/or on welfare. Do you really want gunshots waking you up at 3 in the morning?

Like someone else said, you might be able to find something that cheap in Richardson or Plano, but it will probably be more around the $600-$700 mark.

Paul asks…

Is there any apartments in Orange county that is in a nice area but is not to expensive?

I really need to move out soon and i want to stay in orange county. All the apartments I have looked at so far are over $1,000 a month, and i cant afford that. Does anyone know of an apartment complex that is in a nice community and has low rent?

Administrator answers:

That is going to be near impossible to find. If you are looking for something under $1,000 you’re gonna have to go somewhere really ghetto like Santa Ana or Anaheim (most of N. Orange County). The only place I can think of that isn’t too expensive yet & is a nice place to live would be Ladera Ranch. A pretty new community in Mission Viejo (not sure if it’s considered a city yet). I’m not sure if you’ll find anything for under $1,000, but it’s more affordable then Newport Beach!

Sandy asks…

What apartments are do you recommended for military at San Angelo Texas?

I’m moving to San Angelo Texas in a couple of months and it’s so hard to tell online if they are decent apartments so if anyone has ever been stationed there, please let me know. Do not answer if you never been there. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

Honestly I would just rent a house out there. When I was there a lot of the apartment complexes were older and most people rented or purchased single family homes because it is so cheap. Enjoy your time there, I liked it a lot.

Maria asks…

What is the best site to find apartments for rent?

I’ve tried a variety, like the first that come up in a google search. I notice they don’t show all the apartments in the area. I’m looking for a studio or 1 bedroom, and just want some good sites to search through. Thanks in advance.

Administrator answers:

Wat area are u wanting to move in

Lizzie asks…

How to hook up tv to my apartments built in surround sound speakers?

Hi, I have a LCD tv I’m trying to hook up to our apartments built in prewired surround sound speakers. There are two audio outlets in the wall , each consisting of one red and one black place to insert what would seem to be speaker wire or audio plugs. What is the name of the necessary cable/wire/plug I need?

Administrator answers:

You need a stereo receiver. Your TV probably doesn’t have the capability of doing audio outputs over the red/black stereo connections. A simple receiver will do, something like this:

That’s not the one I’m recommending, I’m just saying. Higher end equipment will be able to decode more types of audio formats, such as DTS: MA, but then again you have to have stuff that plays DTS:MA (like Bluray movies). Good brands include Yamaha, Denon, and Onkyo. Those 3 shops also have refurbished stores, so you can get a good unit at a significantly lower price. If you’re just looking for simple surround sound, the cheapest receiver that does 5.1 (or 7.1 if you have 7 speakers) will do.

Basically you hook up your cable box to the receiver, and then there should be a video output from your receiver to your TV. If you need another HDMI cable or something, try for good cables. They work just as good as the $100 Monster cables.

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