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September 11, 2012

Sandy asks…

Are apartments fairly cheap in or around Daytona Beach, FL?

I work at Target and have been using them to move around the country, my next stop I want to go to is in Florida and I heard Daytona Beach is pretty fun though I’m curious what how cheap the apartments are there. I’m looking for something around the 500/mo mark.

Administrator answers:

You’ll be lucky to find even a room at that price. But if you do, bring your own weapon of choice. Check Craigslist. The choice gets better starting around $700, but can easily get up to $900. Welcome to Florida, man.

William asks…

Cheap apartments in London areas? What are the rates?

Hi I am working in Mid England, and probably re-locating to London for business. What is the monthly cost for an ok apartment in a safe area? Any suggestions?


Administrator answers:

You can stay in Central London. Here you can find some cheap apartments at £ 1400 per month.

Mary asks…

i live in cupertino, CA and i have to move out of my house. anybody know of any cheap apartments in the area?

i basically have until july 1 to find a new place, and it has to be in this area. i’ve been looking online, but not all places are on craigslist.
i’m looking for a 1-2 bdrm apartment (i have a roommate) preferably for no more than 1000 a month…
any suggestions?

Administrator answers:

You are not going to find anything around there for less then 2k. Since you only have half of what you need you might try looking for a room to rent, not an entire apartment.

You are cutting it pretty close, the first is just a few days away.

Michael asks…

Does anyone now a website for searching cheap apartments in VA..Arlington or Alexandria?

I treid to google; however, all my google result are showing me expensive apartments..

Administrator answers:

Unfortunately housing is quite expensive in Arlington, as you just discovered. There are very few “cheap” apartments, and those are mostly set aside for low-income families who have rent vouchers.

As suggested, you might find something less expensive including apartments and houses to share, using CRAIGSLIST.

Maria asks…

I looking for cheap apartments in the dc,pg maryland metro area.?

i live in Maryland

Administrator answers:

Are you aware you posted in the dog’s section? By the way, I used to live in Columbia, MD. There are some really nice, reasonable apartments there.

James asks…

any cheap apartments in el paso under 500?

neeed to know im 18 and i got a kid so im looking for a cheap apartment……….. help me out if u got any infoo!

Administrator answers:

Pizza sauce

Sandra asks…

I want to find cheap apartments in ocean city?

me and other four friends of mine wanna go to ocean city but from a little research i have done the apartments look quite expensive, does anyone know of cheaper apartments, i am trying to stay there for a week and me and my friends want to pay around $800 and $900

Administrator answers:

You should be looking at hotels not apartments. Anyway the expensive one are the ones that advertise on the internet. There are cheaper places but you need to go there and drive around to find them. Usually the cheaper places are near the highway as opposed to near the beach.

Ruth asks…

Does anyone know of cheap apartments in Katy/Houston area?

My husband, daughter and I need a new apartment and we need it cheap ( between $500-$780) for a two bedroom. We prefer an apartment in the general Katy area or half way between Katy proper and the Northwest Freeway at 34th street. If you can help us at all, thanks :)
Couldn’t quite understand that one…

Administrator answers:

Your best bet would be to check with an apartment locator:

Richard asks…

Cheap apartments or places to rent in Pittsburgh, PA?.?

I am looking for income based or rent between 400-700/month apartments/places to rent can be within 15 miles of pittsburgh.

Administrator answers:

I suggest you read the Pittsburgh news paper in the rental section or contact social services for a referral to income based housing.

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