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October 2, 2012

Sandra asks…

Im looking for cheap apartments in the dc,pg maryland metro area.?

Administrator answers:

Wrong section-sorry

Donna asks…

Appleton Apartments/Cheap Living?

I am a college student from Michigan Tech and I will be on CO-OP for 6 months around the Appleton area….i don’t need anywhere nice to stay just somewhere to hang my hat at night….any suggestions?

Administrator answers:

Have you tried craigslist ?

I live in the DC area and have had positive experiences renting to co-op students and interns.

When I am looking to rent a room this is what I do -
First, I never advertise. I look at ads for people wanting to rent. I am selective about what ads I answer. When you write your ad, put info similar to your post here. Make sure you put in the amount you are able to spend.

Once I have made contact, if they seem interested, I will ask for references. Be willing and able to provide character references

Often, a student will offer to pay for the entire time span up front. This is a plus

Insist on a written agreement.

BTW – I have relatives in Appleton. It is a lovely area

Charles asks…

What is the best state to live in for a Community college, cheap, Great apartments ?

I want to Join the NAVY but im not so sure yet.

I want to go to school for cosmetology and be a hair dresser, I am currently in south Carolina, I am not so sure of which state would be the best to go to?

Administrator answers:

Oklahoma has a great beauty school called Duncan Brothers. It is a very modern fashionable school for latest trends and styles. I have a few friends who are graduating from there and my own hair dresser graduated from there and she is AMAZING! They get paid very well too, especially if they work in a Duncan Brothers salon.

John asks…

Do most cheap apartments in Brooklyn have enough room for a washer & dryer?

Administrator answers:

Probably not, unless you have mini washers or dryers, or a machine that does both. Even so, the building may not allow it, because it would use up too much of the building’s water and cost more for the building. Find a building with a laundry room, or go out to a laundromat.

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