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October 20, 2012

Steven asks…

How do I find the cheapest apartments in Lenexa, KS?

I search google for cheap apartments and it will bring up a ridiculous amount of sites, almost all of which show apartments with luxuries beyond my means. Tennis courts, pools, refinished crap, etc. I want to find a listing of the dirtiest, cheapest, rat-holes buried in the ghetto parts of town with a price to match. If anyone could recommend a website, I’d really appreciate it.

Administrator answers:

Seems to be lots for less than $500 a month. Any place that’s cheaper than $500 most likely won’t have a website or care too much about whether tenants can find them. Go down to the ghetto parts of town and look for signs on apartment doors and windows.


David asks…

Where can you find cheap apartments?

does anyone know where to find good priced apartments? maybe an good web page or something, i have already used,, and craigslist… i am looking for a place in eugene oregon… if that makes a difference… if anyone know’s any family freindly places that have good prices that would be great…so anything helps..thanks!!!

Administrator answers: is probably one of the best sites for finding apartments.

Mary asks…

What are some jobs for teens and where are some cheap cute apartments?

Administrator answers:

I can’t answer the apartment thing, but there are some pet store jobs if you can handle carring 20 or more pounds.

John asks…

Need decorating ideas for new apartment -cheap-?

My husband and I are building are first home and it wont be ready for atleast 6 months so we are renting an apartment. Im getting a new sofa and love chair from Ashleys but I dont know what else to do beyond that… We dont have many decorations other than my sons room that is adorable. I was just wondering if anyone had any great decorating ideas and where to find nice things for cheap. Maybe even any ideas for things I can make myself.

Administrator answers:

Fabric. Paint. Thrift stores and garage sales. Those are the ways to decorate cheaply. I wouldn’t get much that you can’t take with you to your new home(congratulations!) since you know you won’t be in the apartment for very long. Think of it this way: you have at least six months to find well-priced stuff that will go nicely into your new home, so pick things that will fit the space and the colours of the new place and don’t worry too much about what your temporary home looks like.

Ruth asks…

is the any cheap STUDIO apartments in chula vista or national city even san ysidro?

im looking to move out with my boyfriend. im applying for a credit card but dont have one so were looking for month to month lease for a CHEAP studio apartment. when i say CHEAP i mean 750 and down

Administrator answers:

Boy, that’s tough. You can look for one when you get here, but I doubt you’ll find anything in that price range where you will feel safe, and that is decent. Good Luck

Sharon asks…

Does anyone know any cheap apartments off of UNF’s Campus?

the one in jacksonville
Something for me and my boyfriend.
Allows animals.

Administrator answers:

Not sure what you might consider cheap and don’t know their pet policies, but there’s a number of complexes along Kernan and a few more up St. John’s Bluff towards Beach Blvd. A little farther out, there are a LOT of big new apartment complexes just off 9A between JTB and Baymeadows – as long as you weren’t planning on depending on JTA or biking to campus, they would be a quick commute down 9A.

Joseph asks…

Cheap Apartments in Phuket?

My friend and I are planning to stay in Phuket, preferably in Patong for 5 months or so depending on finance lol. Does anyone know cheap 2 bedroom apartments for no more than 25,000 bht per month? Also if we are planning to stay out there that long how much money/finance should be aim to save?

Cheers C

Administrator answers:

I will give you a couple choices (it ranges from 26$ double room and over)
there is patong cottage resort for 1550 baht pernight
patong lodge hotel 1100 baht pernight but the price differs according to the month you are going
baumanburi, patong from 1450 baht
check the prices on

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