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April 29, 2012

George asks…

Cheap temporary apartments in Grand Forks ND?

I’m planning on attending college at UND in Grand Forks in fall 2008. However, for the month of July (possibly even late June) I need a cheap apartment with parking somewhere in the area and I can’t find anything online. I need something under $500/month; something around the area of two to three hundred would be preferable if at all possible. Does anyone know of any? I currently live in Oklahoma so I can’t go search in person.

Administrator answers:

Grand Forks Plaza is a good place to start.

Robert asks…

Are there any cheap apartments for Cordon Bleu students in London or any affordable housing nearby? Thank you?

I am trying to apply to the Cordon Bleu pastry program in London and am curious if there was any affordable housing in the area? I currently reside in the US in the state of Texas. Any advice would be most appreciated. Thank you.

Administrator answers:

No cheap accommodation in London anywhere. However, this is a famous school and they might have special arrangements for their students in shared houses. Ask them.

Mary asks…

where/how to find cheap apartments in nice parts of Philly?

i’m trying to find a 1 bedroom apartment for no more than 600 in nice sections of philadelphia like queen village, society hill, fishtown….. i’m currently using craigslist but not getting the results i’m looking for.

does anyone know of any other similar websites to craigslist that produce better results?

Administrator answers:

You will have a VERY difficult time finding a decent 1 bedroom at the price in any part of Philly. Try upping your price to around 1200.00 for the areas you mention.

Laura asks…

Cheap apartments in Manchester on a bus line?

My husband and I are looking to move to Manchester in England. We need to find an apartment in our price range. Of course, euros are worth more than dollars, so we’re not sure what would even be in our price range and also on a bus or subway line for me! This is something we’re sort of jumping into… Think a 1-bedroom apartment in Orlando, Florida between 500-600$ and what that would be over there. Any suggestions? We’re very much lost and again, flying blindly really… Much appreciated!

Administrator answers:

The British don’t use the euro yet, it’s still pounds sterling, which has been sinking fast against the dollar lately. One dollar will buy you about 1.50 pounds, so $500 = £340.

There is no reason to limit yourself to being on a bus route. There are three tram lines which run out of the city centre as well:-

To Eccles via Salford Quays (the old docks)
To Bury via Prestwich (both a couple of nice neighbourhoods)
To Altrincham via Sale (again, both are nice neighbourhoods but there is both a football stadium and cricket ground along this route so on match days it is a nightmare getting home)

With plenty more stops in between! Property prices are cheaper to the north of the city and while some of these neighbourhoods are rough around the edges (Crumpsall and Radcliffe for instance), places like Whitefield are quite decent.

Cheap rents might reflect on the nature of the neighbourhood, not just the state of the property. Some areas can be be dire, so I would sign up with a flat letting agency or two who can show you different properties.

Bus routes to the south of Manchester suffer from terrible traffic congestion, plus you’ll be crowded in with lots of students going to university. The trouble is the trams don’t run through this part of town.

I think you’ll find city centre flats out of your price range even though there is a glut of them at the moment. Another thing to keep in mind is that properties here will be smaller and apartments are not likely to have outdoor space or even balconies. You’ll probably want a 2-bed flat even if there is just the pair of you as the extra room will come in handy as an office/family room/workout space.

Just my 2 cents from an American who moved here 10 years ago!

Michael asks…

Anyone know of any nice, cheap apartments right outside of Hartford, CT?

I am looking for a nice, but doesn’t have to be too nice, two bedroom apartment or townhouse. Anyone live in a complex around there that they love?

Administrator answers:

Go to

Maria asks…

were can you find cheap apartments in san bernardino? any that don’t need credit check?

1 bed 1 bath or anything as long as we can find and apartment or house for rent.

Administrator answers:

Try Craigslist.

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