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July 4, 2012

Linda asks…

Which state would you choose? 10pts to best answer?

ive been to newyork before (ridgewood queens) and enjoyed the hell out of it!
but it just seems so expensive housing.. my family owns several homes in florida life is just cheaper here no taxes like in NY. but something just draws me to the city
So i am nearly out of college (for medical masters in pediatrics) i am 24 years old, i currently live in florida and was born here.
my two choices are
California which ive never been too
New york

i think i just love the city sights, sounds everything about it, ive always loved big cities (atlanta,orlando,Cincinnati) but ive been searching at price of houses in NY and its INSANE. 500k+ and the outside is so simple and such small back yards,
Cali seems to be too much florida (at least in my opinion from tv)
in florida i could have a pretty decent life style with my income base (90k) but it seems like unless i rent a apartment in NY i couldnt be able to afford anything.
your opinion on which would be better to raise children

Administrator answers:

Go where your heart takes you. You are on your way to making good money in your profession, so money should not be an issue. I would recommend investing in a property in a nice town in New York that you like and lease it out, then years down the road, the principal will be less, and while prices have gone up, you will be able to enjoy your home at the “now” price.

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