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July 26, 2012

Helen asks…


I’m a young college student striving to change her life. I’m relocating to Los Angeles. I want to live by the ocean. Does anyone know how much will it cost to rent a cheap apartment? or room for a whole year? It has to be by the ocean. Thank you for your time.

Administrator answers:

The going rate for anything by the beach is about $1200 us dollars a month for a one small bedroom anywhere north of Long Beach- and that is if you look really hard. Check out the Craigs list website under apartments and you’ll see – — good luck

Susan asks…

Moving to Los Angeles in 2013!?

Okay, im in the eighth grade. ill be starting high school this coming up new school year. so i have really thought about moving to LA after high school. now i know im young, but im definitely the type to plan everything out, as in where i want to live and stuff like that. also my birthday is coming up in june and ill be fourteen, quickly after that i want to get a job, get a savings account and start saving every dime. im also wanting to attend ucla or usc in psychology, fashion, or nursing..but im not really sure yet. but im not going to move out there by myself, (from tennessee) so my cousin is suppose to come with me. i know it isn’t cheap, so that’s exactly why im saving so it can at least get me there and my stuff there. i want to have my school, job, and apartment lined up for when i get there. and im planning on living at Park La Brea Apartments, which is close to everything! my only fear is that i get there and cant pay my bills or anything, so i definitely want one other person to move with me and my cousin so we can all split the bills (expect the cars). and i mean move two months after high school, ill be finished with HS when im 17 then ill have to wait until june, 18, then move late july….so that’s it. i just need some answers! thanks.

Administrator answers:

Wow, you certainly have everything planned out! What do you want us to answer on? You seem to have it all together, and also when you graduate, make sure you’ll be able to get an income in a decent amount of time. If you need any additional information about the area, I’d be happy to help through email. I live in Huntington Beach

Joseph asks…

How do i use the Metro in Los Angeles while on Vacation?

Hi everyone! Im going to hollywood/LA for spring break next month and i need some help in determining how to use the bus and metro to get to the points of my destination. I have never been on a city bus or subway system so please bare with me. The hotel i will be stayin at is The Hollywood Hotel on 1160 N. Vermont Ave, Los Angeles. The attractions i plan on going to are as follows;
Hollywood Blvd for walk of fame, ripleys museum, hard rock cafe, kodak theatre, etc.
Jim Morrison apartment (8214 w. norton ave), the Whiskey a go go, and the viper room which are all located in West Hollywood
The griffith observatory
Venice beach
the store DASH in Calabasas
Rodeo drive for all the trendy shops to window shop

So, will it be better to take the bus, subway, or cab to some or most of these attractions? I want to take the bus and subway cuz its cheaper. Are there subway systems near all the locations i want to go? Please help me out here, i’d greatly appreciate it!!
Also, are the subway and bus times the same everyday?

Administrator answers:

Try and you can see what we have. Our “subway” is called the Metrorail. You can buy an all day pass that is good for the Metro buses and the Metrorail systems. It cost 5-6 dollars for all day. Check out their website and print out routes for the places you want to go.The observatory you might like to get on a tour bus. When you are in Hollywood close to the Chinese Theater there are several Tour places that can help you. Star or Starlight comes to mind.

Laura asks…

How much are lofts in Los Angeles, CA?

two of my friends and I want to move to LA to go to school since we wanna go for big things, like get into industries. I want to get into the beauty industry or even some type of fashion , && i want to do photography. My friend wants to get into film so we thought LA is a great place if we want to get big and known. but we would be working part time jobs in L.A. going full time to school, but i was thinking i do not think we could afford that so i wanted to work full time and go to school part time even though it would take me a bit longer to finish. (I would be going to cosmetology school by the way)but who knows how much the pay is In LA. since its so expensive to live out there. My friend suggested moving into a loft because it is supposedly cheaper than an apartment. We where In L.A. this past weekend and we were walking in Downtown LA and we saw a lot of lofts that we wanted to check out but we have no idea how much they are. the thing is I am scared because of how expensive it will be to live in LA but i just do not want to give up my hopes and dreams all because of money. but anyways i want to know how much they are and what is the difference between an apartment and a loft, and if you guys could suggest anything that is cheaper or any sugesstions general. thank you i very much appreciate it.

Administrator answers:

$ 10 bucks

William asks…

What should we do about our roommate problem!?

My fiance and I share a 2 bedroom apartment with a friend of ours…and up until about 6 months ago, the three of us were really close. Our roommate and my fiance have had some differences recently and they are not close at all anymore.

We live in Los Angeles and apartments are not cheap around here…so moving out is not an issue. Our roommate’s girlfriend comes over and spends the night like 4 nights a week and has done this for as long as we all have been living together.

My fiance and I work overtime to pay for our wedding, a future down payment on a house and other various bills. Our roommate is a Grad Student and is living off of student loans. And his girlfriend does not have a care in the world because mommy and daddy pay for everything.

She pays for NOTHING in our apartment, and my fiance and I are getting sick of her being here a majority of the time and not helping out when we are working our butts off…so my question is…

Should we tell our roommate that we want her to start paying a portion of the rent?
Rent is currently split 3 ways…I pay, my fiance pays, and our roommate pays
When she is here, she does everything here. She eats, showers, does laundry, uses TV and internet…oh, and doesnt clean up after herself! She is a slob!

Administrator answers:

If she is living over there then yes she should pay for the rent. Or the rent should be split in two you as a couple half and them as a couple half. Especially if she is showering, washing her clothes, eating etc over at your house.
You should ask for it, 4 nights is over half a week.

Mark asks…

I need to move but I dont know where to go?

Im in Los Angeles right now and im looking for a cheap apartment somewhere im paying about 850$ a month for my house Ive considered South Chicago and the Bronx anywhere else that has cheap apartments?

Administrator answers:

Consider Palmdale or San Bernandino. It is near L.A and the rent is chep. You could get an nice apartment (pool, park, community center) for as low as $550 in Palmdale. I was checking the rents in Palmdale and the 1bed 1 bath are $550 to $600 and the 2bed 1 bath are from 800 to 950. NOTE: It is hot.

Sandy asks…

Moving to Los Angeles soon need some advice?

I’m going to school in LA and seriously have only been there once. I know nothing about this place. I’ve been reading books and stuff off the internet for a while, but it’s getting closer and I’m still a little lost.

Where are some safe places that are considerable cheap? (I’m going alone)
How hard is it to find a job right now?
Is it hard to make friends?
Is there someone I can hire to help me find an apartment? I live in OK and need help desperately!
Are there any books or materials out there that I can read that will help me?
Anything I need to know before I move?

thank you so much!
I’ve been saving for 3yrs I got enough money to last 6months, I have a job lined up, and I have a roommate to half rent with me. I just need some safe areas and stuff please. =D Thanks for all the input!

Administrator answers:

Everyone wants to move here, and is looking for “cheap/affordable and safe”. However, such a place just doesn’t exist; the two terms are mutually exclusive. It’s all about supply and demand: If it’s in SoCal, then it’s not going to be cheap to begin with. If it’s a safe area, then it’s more expensive. If you need good schools, add a couple hundred bucks a month on top of it. If you want to live here and enjoy the weather, then you have to pay for it. You put up with the smog and the traffic, enjoy the weather and pay your rent or mortgage. My advice is to start checking out craigslist,, and if you are looking to rent. You’ll quickly see that the minimum rent for a non-war zone is about $1,000-$1,200 per month for a studio or 1BR. Really nice areas (like the West LA area) easily run $3,000 or more. Want to live near the beach? Expect to pay a premium.

-How hard to find a job? VERY hard. Nearly impossible.

-Hard to make friends? This isn’t really Mayberry, but you can make friends here with a little effort. But it’s not going to be like Oklahoma.

-There are rental agents here, but most make you pay up front and don’t gaurantee results. Many people get taken.

-Books? Like “How to run away to LA and succeed”? Not yet.

-Anything you need to know? How about this: Too many people come here without job skills, experience, seed money, or a plan. Too many people fail, and wind up in very desperate circumstances, out on the streets, strung out on drugs, or just plain dead.

My advice is to contact the school that you are attending, and contact their student housing office. They will do their best to assist you.

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