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August 7, 2012

Maria asks…

Where is a good place to live in west Los Angeles?

I’m moving to LA in 5 months for grad school (Mount St Mary’s College, near USC). I need advice on what parts of town to look at when searching for an apartment. I’d like to be as close as possible to the school, but of course somewhere safe with conveniences such as: a park, dog park, grocery store, restaurants, walking access to places. I want to feel safe going for a run at 10pm! I know LA isn’t cheap, I’m expecting to pay at least 1k for a studio apartment.

Any help? I’m from Ohio, so this will be a huge move for me!!

Administrator answers:

There really isn’t anywhere in LA or surrounding areas that you should feel very safe running at 10pm.

Your budget is low for something nice on the Westside, you might try Culver City. It has some cute neighborhoods, it’s near the freeway to your school, reasonable cost for the Westside (but still expensive). It will be tough to find a nice studio at around $1000 in a good safe neighborhood of Santa Monica, and in Marina del Rey, Beverly Hills, Westwood, or Brentwood. Look, but don’t hold your breath. You might look over near The Grove (Fairfax & 3rd), it’s not the safest area, but if you’re careful, you should be fine.

If you have a dog, it will be even harder to rent an apartment, you will be greatly limiting yourself. If your dog isn’t small, it may be impossible.

You might also look at the Los Feliz neighborhood, Glendale, and South Pasadena, all north to northeast of Mount St Mary’s. Rents will generally be lower than the Westside. 

Neighborhood Safety Info:


Good luck!

Nancy asks…

which one is better new york or los angeles?

okay so been living in chicago for about 9 years and i really want to move to another place that well amuse me and everyday well have something new not the same old boring stuff am 22 so i just need like a apartment with 1 bedroom and its kitchen and everything you know make it look cute
but i have two choices new york or L.A i heard L.A is cheap but if i do go to L.A am not going to a bad neighborhood and if i do go to new york which city well be best i heard bronx is pretty soo yeah thank you guys for your help

Administrator answers:

== New York City

It’s pretty much the center of the world. You can find everything you can imagine in the city. And I wouldn’t worry about being able to afford living there. If you get a good job in the city, you will get paid a lot in return to adjust for the high prices in NYC.

Chris asks…

Which would be the smartest move- Los Angeles or Anaheim?

I’m speaking as if things work out the way I hope for them to. I’m currently 14. My dream college is UCLA. It’s great academically and the location is absolutely perfect for the career that I hope to go into. I would be coming from out of state but the way I figure it, it would be much cheaper to rent an apartment rather than staying in a dorm.

As silly as this sounds, I would lovelovelove to work at Disneyland. It’s about 45 minutes away from UCLA (and about an hour and a half at the least counting traffic). From the research I’ve done, it pays about $10 an hour. It’s also Anaheim’s largest employer, meaning a job there wouldn’t be too hard to come by. Please keep in mind that all of this won’t be happening for a good four to five years and hopefully the economy will be back up and unemployment will be down by then. Would this be possible to live on if rent was $450-600? And yes, I’ve also done all of my research about the safe and unsafe parts of both cities.

Now, considering all of this, would it be smarter to reside in Anaheim and travel to LA for classes, or reside in LA and travel to Anaheim for work?

Administrator answers:


James asks…

Can a single adult live on $30,000 a year (salary) in the Los Angeles, California area?

I hear the California taxes are crazy here. I would have to buy my own health insurance too, if I can’t find a job that has health coverage.

$30,000 a year?
$33,00 a year?

If I got a 1 bedroom apartment, maybe around $800 a month, (I have no debts)…..just would have to pay: rent, utilities, food (not a, gas, auto insurance and cell phone bill…. oh and health insurance if I can get it cheap enough.

I’m trying so hard to find a job here and I’m really struggling to understand and grasp how darn expensive it is here, now that I’ve already moved here. I am living with friends for the moment. I will appreciate any tips, advice, etc… Thank you

Administrator answers:

Sure you can do it. The best way in LA to get jobs, housing, etc. Is through people you know. It’s all word of mouth. For housing, you can try up-and-coming or less desirable neighborhoods, studio apartments or guest houses, or getting roommates. For entertainment, there are lots of cheap or free options including happy hours, discount movies, free shows, etc.

But it won’t be fun to live on the cheaps long-term. Try to figure out how you’re going to make more money in the long run!!

William asks…

Where is the cheapest area CLOSET to Santa Monica, CA. to rent an apartment ?

I was offered a job in Santa Monica. Around $16 per hour. Full time. So, I guess thats about 32k a year. What area of Los angeles is a stress-free driving distance from there? Where I can find an apartment for cheap? By cheap I mean $800 a month. lol. Any ideas?

Administrator answers:

Nothing; offer to become a college student’s roommote

[born there]

Betty asks…

Which is cheaper to live in for a college student wanting to go to nursing school in LA an apartment or hotel?

When i get out of high school (2012) i want to go to Los Angeles, California. but i dont know which will be cheaper for a college student wanting to go to a nursing school. which is cheaper an apartment or hotel? and where in california, ex: pasedena, hollywood..etc….
maybe when i get settled down ill go get auditions for movies, but for right now i want to do nursing.

Administrator answers:

Hotels can quickly become expensive. For a long term home, an apartment is almost always a better investment.

Linda asks…

Homes/Flats/Apartments to rent in California for a month…?

Me and my friends are planning to stay in California.

Does anyone know any websites that will show me reasonably cheap homes that we could rent for a month in and around Los Angeles. Thankyou

Administrator answers:

Nothing around LA is ‘reasonably cheap’ – although with the ecconomy someone might rent you something but it will likely not be furnished. Have you considered an extended stay type setting?

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